Read the Bible in a Year

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In this course, you will read through the Bible, Genesis to Revelation. Each day, you are invited to read several chapters of the Bible and then reflect on your reading with a short devotional and prayer. You can read at your own pace, but if you so choose, this course is structured to take you through the Bible in one year with daily Bible readings.

Rev. Harry Buis will act as your guide and teacher on this journey of transformation, drawing on history, archeology, original languages, theology, and stories to invite you to enter into the beautiful Word of God.

The most important part of the next year is not reading Rev. Buis’ words in the devotional. It is in taking time every day in Scripture—through passages that will be interesting, exciting, engaging, and yes, sometimes boring or confusing! By committing to read every day, you will learn more about the Bible and be challenged to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the end of each book of the Bible, you are invited to reflect on what you learned and how God spoke to you. As you read, consider those questions.

Some starting advice as you begin this journey:

  • If you don’t have a regular devotional time, set one. Think of it as an appointment with Jesus—you won’t want to miss this time when you know you will be spending it with him.
  • Each day’s reading will take 15-20 minutes, because you are reading longer passages of the Bible. Take time to enjoy and reflect on them.
  • It may help to share this journey with someone else. Tell a friend or family member and invite them to join you. You can share what you are learning with each other.

We hope that reading Words of Hope each day will be a blessing to you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus. That’s our ultimate hope—that you will know Jesus’ love for you, and grow in him every day.

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What Will You Learn?

  • This course will guide you in reading through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. As you read, you will reflect on the great story of God's revealed Word.

Course Content

Genesis is the first book of the Bible. The book starts with the big origin stories, including the creation of the world, the fall into sin, the flood, and the tower of Babel. Then Genesis focuses on Abraham and his family. As you read, one thing to consider is God's covenant relationship with his people. How does God's relationship with his people develop over Genesis?