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A Face like Flint

Read: Luke 9:51-56 His face was set toward Jerusalem. (v. 53) With the arrival of summer, many churches send teams on short-term missions. Maybe you’re getting ready to go or are


A Light to the Nations

Read: Isaiah 49:1-6 Missions isn’t just one of many jobs the church does. It’s the reason the church is still in the world. I love church mission conferences and mission emphasis


Apostolic Prayer

Read: Galatians 1:1-24 The last of the four characteristics of healthy and vital Christian churches is apostolic prayer. Let’s look today at a wonderful example of what that means. We come

Today is Giving Tuesday!

Your donation will bring hope to the Kuku tribe of Uganda by helping to translate the New Testament into their language for the first time ever. Today only, your donation can be tripled to have an even greater impact.

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