Pray Around the World

August 2017

Continue to pray for Iranian believers who suffer for their faith with threats, persecution, and imprisonment. Please be in fervent prayer for the wife of the team leader as she battles a serious form of cancer.

“It was a time of darkness when the entire population of Kajo-Keji went into exile or was internally relocated in mid-January 2017.” Give thanks that displaced ministry partners from Kajo Keji continue to accomplish much strategic ministry. Although their FM station is off the air, their Bari programs can still be broadcast from nearby Moyo (Uganda).

Director A.K. Lama reiterates: “Radio is the best media tool for effective ministry for most people living in villages who do not have other means and even electricity; radio waves can reach anywhere crossing geographical limitations.” Pray also for the outreach as villagers are given Micro SD cards containing Hindi radio programs, as well as books and magazines published by Good Books.

Give thanks for the Words of Hope Albanian devotional. “I love these daily Biblical reflections because they are more than just reading a passage. They are about a closer relationship with God. I have often received practical lessons, encouragement, or revelation from the devotionals; and they have helped me develop a more godly nature.”

Pray for Titus and Mary Baraka as they prepare for travel to the United States for Words of Hope’s annual Board of Direction meeting to be held next month. Pray for strength and good health as many details now need to be finalized.

“Pray for India and China as the tension between the two nations is growing,” writes Director for South Asia A.K. Lama. “We need peace and no more loss of human lives.”

Turkish partner Radio Shema is grateful for the massive, effective expansion in geography, personnel, ministry impact, and partnerships. “I can’t express enough how excited we are about the stretching and expansion that is happening at Shema Media Group,” shares general manager Soner Tufan. “Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership in the gospel!”

Tibetan partner Gaweylon once again shares their prayerful concerns: “Please pray for peace in the land of Tibet and pray that hearts will open to the gospel in these difficult times. Pray that they may not lose hope. Pray also for Tibetan exiles in India and other countries that they will be open to the Good News. Pray for the people who are working and sharing among the Tibetans. Praise God that lives are being touched and transformed.”

Continue to pray for South Sudan. Pray for peace. People are losing property and dying daily. People are suffering in the refugee communities and internally displaced people [IDP] camps. “Pray the Lord will provide resources for trauma healing, children’s education, health services, food and agriculture tools and seeds for people to sustain their lives.”

“Largely a country of subsistence farmers, plenty or famine is determined by the quantity and regularity of yearly rains,” reports SIM. “Pray that God will send regular rains in the right quantities for His glory.”

Pray for a newly established English-speaking church in Guwahati. “It will enable cross-cultural married couples, government employees or officials, students living nearby, and people who do not have their community church in the city to have a place to worship on Sunday. We entreat your sincere prayer for the church. Pray that the Lord will manifest the power of the Holy Spirit and that the church may grow,” shares Rev. Dr. A.K. Lama who serves as planter and pastor.

A user of the popular Albanian Bible reading smartphone app is grateful: “I would like to thank the people who maintain and pray for this program. It has helped me read my Bible every day. I find it hard at times to keep a regular habit of reading God’s Word, but through this program it is now much easier for me. I invited Christ in my heart about four years ago. I would like to ask you to pray that I will understand God’s will for me. I know He has placed Albania’s people in my heart, but I still am not clear about ministry focus. May God bless you so much that you may be a blessing to others.” Give thanks for the many innovative ideas produced by Words of Hope Albania.

Broadcasting partner SIM shares their concern for the people of South Sudan. “Famine threatens 100,000 nationwide. Many suffer tremendously, struggling to meet basic needs. Most children have no school, and 1 million are refugees in neighboring countries. Pray God supplies these needs, and many find peace and safety in Jesus.”

Give thanks for the outreach of the Words of Hope printed devotional sent to prisoners and also distributed by chaplains in the prisons. “For the past four or five years, I have been a dedicated reader everyday,” shares an inmate. “I love reading the devotionals each and every day. It always gives me the opportunity to stay close to God and walk with Him. May God bless you for always sending me the devotional.”

Pray for many Turks to seek and find the one true God. Praise God for the creative ways He uses the radio to touch people’s lives and stir their hearts. Uphold in prayer Haluk and Wendy Bilgen as they spend several weeks in the United States meeting with friends and supporters. Give thanks for Turkish broadcasting partners Radio Shema, Radio Light, and SAT-7 TURK.