Pray Around the World

September 2017

IRAN—Pray for clear direction for “Star” as she nears the end of her house arrest. Praise God she has not lost her faith. She is hoping many will continue to inter- cede for her. Pray for others who are very discouraged as the secret police continue to harass them. “May God bring back to their minds the truths they learned from the Bible, the verses they memorized, and the songs they sang in the past.” Uphold with fervent prayer the many who are suffering for their faith.

TIBET, INDIA—“We serve a loving God who cares for us,” shares Gaweylon Director Anil Alfred. “We are reminded that He is always faithful. We face so many different situations and challenges each day as we serve. We always are grateful for so many praying friends who lift us and the ministry in prayer. Most of all we thank God for answering prayers and meeting needs.” Give thanks for the dedication of Anil and the entire Tibetan staff as they faithfully “plant seeds and wait for the harvest.”

SOUTH SUDAN—Continue in prayer for the people of South Sudan and the serious difficulties engulfing their country. Pray for the numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Pray for ongoing efforts to share the hope of the gospel with them in new and creative formats.

INDIA—Give thanks that many listeners “are coming to know of the saving grace of our Lord through the Garhwali programs. The listeners regularly communi- cate with the producers over telephone or through mail. It gives us great joy to know that the program is a vital part of their lives and they eagerly wait for its broadcast.” Pray for producers Rajesh and Ajay.

WORDS OF HOPE—Give thanks for the continuing outreach of the Words of Hope Read the Bible in a Year, available online and in printed format. “Thank you for the devotional messages,” writes an online reader. “I am blessed with it. God bless you all for making many people to see the light.”

INDIA—Give thanks for the Vacation Bible School pro- grams held in recent months. “We thank the Lord for bringing children to our ministry whereby they can be blessed by God through the preaching of His Word. Pray for all the children that they may reflect the learn- ing in their life and that it may bring their parents and neighborhoods to Christ.” Pray for Director for South Asia A.K. Lama as he continues to travel extensively in pursuit of ministry objectives.

ALBANIA—“I find the [Albanian] devotional booklet very practical and essential for every day. Living in this world, we see how people fill their lives with all kinds of things but not God. We can change this by sharing our stories with them. The booklet helps me penetrate deep into my heart. As I get answers to questions I did not understand before, I am learning to walk rightly with Jesus. I feel like what is written is directed espe- cially at me. As I read through and meditate, I know that this is exactly what I need to read.” Give thanks for this testimony and that of many others who read and share the Words of Hope devotional in the Albanian language.

TURKEY—Give thanks for the growing outreach of Radio Shema (Shema Media Group), reaching 12.3 million people with FM broadcasting in Ankara, Samsun, and Antalya. “It is a safe space for Turks to explore and respond to the gospel of Christ.”

TURKEY—Broadcasting Partner Shema Media Group shares: “Praise God for the ability to openly declare the truths of the Word even in changing times in our coun- try. Pray that God will use the programming to draw many to Himself. Pray that God would give us wisdom on how to have more conversations with listeners that would lead them to Christ.”

UGANDA—“I thank God for the generosity of God’s people towards the Words of Hope Radio Ministry,” shares Stephen Kaziimba, Board Chair of Words of Hope Uganda. “In Uganda we have benefitted a lot by this ministry in a way of making Jesus Christ known using media and other channels like devotional books. May God bless all of you for your giving and prayers.” Continue to uphold in prayer this strategic and ever- growing outreach.

BHUTAN—“Radio still proves to be a very effective tool for reaching the people and crossing all restrictions and boundaries. In the 10/40 Window, there are large numbers of Buddhists in India, Tibet, Bhutan, Thailand, China, Japan, and Taiwan who are actually very reli- gious but never had the opportunity to hear the whole gospel of Jesus Christ nor experience the uncondition- al agape love of God. Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s supernatural work in Bhutan.”

WORDS OF HOPE—Uphold in prayer the proceed- ings of the Words of Hope Annual Board of Direction Meeting on September 21-22. Pray for God’s blessing and clear direction. Give thanks for all those participat- ing including staff, board members, producers, and partners from around the world. May His Spirit be a part of all that transpires.

NIGER—Pray for a Muslim teacher from Maradi who is coming to the studio to discuss Christianity and Islam. He desires to know the difference between the two reli- gions, and has been given a Bible. Pray that he may receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and that he would then be willing to share this new found faith with those around him.

JAPAN—Uphold in prayer retired missionary and broadcaster Kazuo Ozaki who continues to produce programs. “I see broadcasting not as public broadcast, rather intimate communication. Most of our listeners are not non-believers but not-yet Christians. Please pray for those who are listening that they may be touched by the gospel and come to know Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”