Pray Around the World

June 2017

Please pray for peace! South Sudan is ravaged by famine, starvation, insecurity, war, and a host of human right abuses. Pray that the transforming gospel broadcasts will be a comfort and encouragement to all those Dinka, Nuer, and Bari listeners who are able to hear.

Be in prayer for the multi-faceted steps needed for the Transforming Leaders in Asia land project. Pray for Dr. A.K. Lama as he oversees all aspects. Pray that those he met with last month will be excited and commit to helping with the completion of this new training center and production studio.

Give thanks for the recently re-opened session of the English Club in Tirana. Words of Hope Albania partners with a local church, using their offices and volunteers. “Based on other club leaders’ experiences, [having a limited time of 12 weeks] will make learners not want to miss any classes. Please pray for good conversations with those who come and for the creation of relationships that will lead to sharing the gospel.”

Continue to pray for the printing and distribution of the Ugandan Words of Hope devotional. Director of English Ministry Christy Prins reports “Words of Hope Uganda is contextualizing the content, and distributing them to listeners as part of their followup work. There is a lack of high quality, low-cost Christian material, and the devotionals are valuable as an extension of the ministry work.”

Give thanks for Tibetan partner, Gaweylon and its director, Anil Alfred, who shares: “Pray for those involved in follow-up as they answer listener letters, visit and meet people, talk on the phone, and distribute resources. Pray that God will give them wisdom to see new opportunities and to say the right words as they interact and meet with people. Praise God for the many who are helping to distribute literature and CDs in their areas.”

Pray for Pastor Arbin Pokharel of Cross-Way Church in Kathmandu as he visits North America this month to meet with friends and supporters. Pray for ongoing church planting efforts and that the power of the gospel would reach many throughout the country.

Give thanks for a successful and encouraging fact-finding visit to Egypt last month by Jon Opgenorth and Kurt Selles. Pray for direction and wisdom in how and when to proceed with new involvement in the region. Uphold in prayer both the believers and also those who minister to them.

Continue to pray for the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger [EERN] and its plan of establishing 52 new churches by the end of this decade. Issaka Moussa, Secretary of the EERN, shares: “The radio program the EERN is having with the support of Words of Hope is clearing the path for the installation of the new churches. We now have the opportunity of adding producers in most of the local languages of Niger. It was the grace of the Lord. Many are coming to Jesus through this ministry.”

Dogri producer Sadiq Masih shares this exciting update: “We praise God that we could reach those places where we have been praying to start new listeners cell groups. In one place we provided them a radio. Now six people listen to the Word of God regularly with faith to know more about the purpose of God in their lives. We started this group in a very far and unreached area where the gospel has not been reached in centuries. But we praise God for providing us tools to reach such people through radio.”

Words of Hope Albania requests prayer for the political situation in the country and for the upcoming elections to be held on June 18. Pray for Director Roni Prendi who requests prayer also for “continuous unity in the Church of Jesus Christ in Albania to partner together for a common mission to which everyone is called.”

Pray for the outreach in the Runyoro and Rutooro languages in northwest Uganda. Pray for producer Kuslima Morris and the staff as they strive to create a listeners forum and develop fellowship groups “determined to follow Jesus.” Continue to uphold in prayer Words of Hope Uganda Director Titus Baraka and Godfrey Kyome, Assistant Executive Director.

Despite the volatile political atmosphere in Turkey, give thanks for evidence of fruitfulness as a result of the radio broadcasts. Producer Haluk Bilgen shares: “Recently when I was visiting a local supermarket, I heard Radio Shema being played over their speaker system. This was an encouragement for me because in such a short period of time, people here in Antalya have started to listen to our 24-hours a day Christian broadcasting. I believe more and more people are going to listen to us and respond to the call of Jesus.”

Give thanks for an increase in listeners to the Hindi broadcasts. “The growing number of mobile calls of listeners indicates the work of the Holy Spirit,” shares Director for South Asia A.K. Lama. “We have quality listeners who appreciate the messages and the music.” Pray also for efforts to organize seekers meetings for the listeners.

“Thank you for all you do. Your ministry and devotionals have been a pillar to my life,” writes an inmate. Continue to pray for the effectiveness of the Words of Hope daily devotional, especially in the growing outreach to those in prison.

Continue to pray for the many persecuted and threatened Iranian believers. May God continue to uphold and sustain each one. We do rejoice with each encouraging response that is received: “Thank you for all your good work and amazing programs.” “Hello to all believers who work for radio. Thank you so much for the best programs.” Praise God for the dedicated staff of program producers and follow-up workers.