Church Partnership and Free Resources

Your church can get connected to global missions. Scroll to the end for info on free missions and discipleship resources for your church congregation!

Words of Hope + Your Church

Why Partner With Us

By supporting our global media ministry, your church can help us reach people in some of the most remote and hard-to-reach places in the world. With your help, we can produce and distribute gospel-centered media to millions of people who may never have heard the good news before. We believe that every person deserves to hear the gospel and experience the love of Jesus Christ, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

But our global media ministry is not just about reaching the lost. It’s also about equipping and strengthening believers around the world. Through our media resources, we are providing discipleship and biblical teaching to people who may not have access to these resources otherwise. We are helping believers grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

What Your Church Can Do

As a church, you have the opportunity to partner with us in this vital ministry. Your financial support, prayers, and encouragement can help us continue to equip our indigenous leaders and provide Christ-centered media in languages where the Gospel needs to be heard (sometimes, for the first time). 

A church can provide support to our general ministry where funds are used in areas that are needed the most. Support will be provided to our 11 fields and over 75 language groups worldwide! A church can also provide support to a ministry field they may feel the most connected to. You can learn more about each of our field areas here.

We believe that when churches like yours partner with ministries like ours, incredible things can happen. Together, we can make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God and bring hope and light to a dark and broken world. 

Supporting Words of Hope is More Than a Transaction

As a mission partner, we keep in contact with our churches frequently to provide the most up to date information we can. We receive formal quarterly reports from all of our field leaders, and we are in communication with our global team through regular Zoom calls, WhatsApp messages, and emails. Words of Hope commits to sending updates as frequently as you would like in the form of video, written, picture, etc. We also create a monthly prayer guide so you know the immediate prayer needs from around the world! 

We love to connect our North American staff and field leader visitors to provide in person updates, preaching opportunities, and to attend missions events with your church. 

Finally, there are opportunities to travel to our field ministry areas if you wish to deepen your congregation’s relationship with the global church. These experiences are meant to witness the work being done by our ministry partners, and to interact with members of the global church.

Free (Yes, Free!) Resources for Your Church

woman holding open devotional booklet

Free Devotionals for Your Members

The Words of Hope Devotional is a donor-supported publication whose goal is to encourage readers to grow in faith through daily Bible reading and prayer. The devotional is available in print, email, and an app.

Sunday School Curriculum

Introduce children in your church to global missions through a five-week curriculum called One Faith. Celebrate with and learn from Christians around the world with Words of Hope.

Contact Us Today!

Reach out to our Church Relations Associate, Brittany Aldridge, to learn more about global missions partnership or with any questions regarding our free resources.

Email: brittany.aldridge@woh.org 

Phone: 616-459-6181 ext. 113

Text: 616-320-1150

Words of Hope is an independent Christian nonprofit governed by a board of directors. These directors come from a variety of congregations with roots in Reformed, Presbyterian, and Baptist denominations. Words of Hope exist only through the generosity of churches and individuals committed to our mission. We receive no denominational assessments or mission shares.