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Words of Hope can connect your church congregation daily to the truths of Scripture and help them to grow in their appreciation of and care for the global church.

Words of Hope + Your Church

Words of Hope helps people grow in their faith and share it worldwide. We provide print copies of the daily devotional without cost to every church that desires to use them. We also offer a children’s Sunday School Curriculum called One Faith, geared toward elementary school students, that helps them understand their role in the global church. 

Your congregation can share the hope of Jesus in some of the hardest places on earth by adopting a language group or ministry field in partnership with Words of Hope. These relationships prove a great joy as congregations invest in the global mission movement. We believe that local churches grow strong by connecting to and learning from believers in other parts of the world.

Words of Hope is an independent Christian nonprofit governed by a board of directors. These directors come from a variety of congregations with roots in Reformed, Presbyterian, and Baptist denominations. Words of Hope exists only through the generosity of churches and individuals committed to our mission. We receive no denominational assessments or mission shares.

Resources to get you started.

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Free Devotionals for Your Members

The Words of Hope Devotional is a donor-supported publication whose goal is to encourage readers to grow in faith through the practice of daily Bible reading and prayer. The devotional is available in print, email, podcast, and app versions.

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Sunday School Curriculum

Introduce children in your church to global missions through a five-week curriculum called One Faith. Celebrate with and learn from Christians around the world with Words of Hope.

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Partner in Global Missions

Words of Hope believes that all people should have access to God’s Word. We work in  75 languages around the world because we want people everywhere to be able to hear the gospel in their own language. Partner with us to learn more about a specific ministry field, and to provide support to the outreach in that area through prayers and donations.