The Challenge of Ministry in Niger

The country of Niger has an overwhelmingly Muslim majority. In fact, 99% of the population self-identifies as Islamic.  Niger does maintain separation between church and state, meaning that legally individuals are free to worship as they please. However, in some parts of the country, radical Islamist sects continue to target Christians, subjecting them to acts […]

Pray for Niger

Niger is one of the most impoverished countries in the world. Many individuals there are barely surviving on scant incomes and meager farming resources. Your support of Words of Hope in Niger is providing much-needed income for evangelists in the country who would not otherwise be able to serve as ministers while also supporting their families.

Leaving Home

Bahati did not have an easy start to life. She grew up in Niger, a country with high levels of poverty. Her first marriage ended in abuse and rejection at the hands of her husband. With two children to support, Bahati returned to her family’s home. She lived peacefully there for a time, but one day she heard a radio program that would change everything.