Our History

What began as one pastor’s effort to preach the good news through radio in a small area of Michigan has today grown into a media ministry that spans four continents and proclaims Christ as Savior in over 50 different languages.

In 1944, the Rev. Howard Teusink, then pastor of the Trinity Reformed Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan, stayed home one Sunday morning, too sick to preach. From his bed he turned his radio dial, searching for a gospel broadcast. After listening for some time, he became convinced of the need for a radio broadcast with a sound, well-balanced biblical witness.

At the urging of Rev. Teusink’s consistory, the ministry of Words of Hope officially began under the name “Temple Time.” The ministry’s purpose statement was: “to preach through broadcasting Jesus Christ as the only Savior.”

The first broadcast of the new ministry aired on July 22, 1945, from the Central Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. William Goulooze, then Professor of Church History at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, presented a message titled, “Consider Christ Jesus.”

Preaching Christ as Savior remains the core goal of the ministry of Words of Hope today, as we continue to expand our reach into new countries and languages, utilizing new media formats as they become available.