Stories of Hope

Be inspired by the brothers and sisters around the world. Our videos tell the story of Words of Hope and are perfect for sharing our mission with churches, students, friends and family.

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Ugandan woman with greenery

Women Ending FGM

Keren sees the programs as a great way to teach listeners about Christianity, but also about business, health, and family issues. One of the biggest concerns in these remote villages is Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM.

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Listener Groups in Kasese, Uganda

In Western Uganda, people meet together in homes, under trees, or in churches to listen to and discuss the radio programs. In just a few years, dozens of Messiah RADIO 97.5 FM Kasese Listener Groups have sprouted up across the area.

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Building the Church in Nepal

Cross-Way Church in Kathmandu, Nepal is using media to build up a new generation of church leaders. Cross-Way’s aim is to plant Christ-centered churches in all 75 districts of Nepal. Words of Hope is working with local leaders to build the church.

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Niger: Out of the Ashes

In January of 2015, a group of Muslim protesters lashed out against Christians in Niger. The protesters were angry at Western media portrayals of their prophet. In a shockingly organized sweep, churches around the country were looted and set on fire. Eighty Christian churches and homes were burned throughout Niger that day. The world was waiting to see how the Christians would respond to these attacks.

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Joshua Abure – Heavenly Reward

Joshua Abure shares a song with the congregation at Kawolokota Church of Uganda. Joshua is blind and has mastered the adungu, a nine-stringed bow harp. Joshua’s music is often recorded and aired on Words of Hope radio programs, and he is working now on producing his own record of original songs.

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