Good Listening—God Living

Read: Proverbs 16

Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD. (v. 20)

“Will you listen?” You’ve been asked that, haven’t you? Sometimes, the question comes as a gentle request to turn your ear to a friend in distress. Likely, too, the question has come from a frustrated parent who really needed you to focus on what you needed to hear. “Will you listen?” is a question from God that demands the reply, “Yes, Lord. I certainly will.”

However, I really struggle to say this. To say to God “I’m listening” means I must do such things as turn my other cheek, love my enemies, take up my cross, serve people in need, love my spouse, honor my children, and above all always love my God. There is more to add to the list, but you know where I’m going with this. You must say, “Yes, Lord. I’m listening to your words of truth for my life.”

Yes, listening “for real” means you are attentive to hear from your Lord. It means you are willing to go into places emotionally and spiritually that require a new level of faith and obedience to your Lord. Listening to God means you turn a deaf ear to the lies of evil. Listening to God’s wisdom means you’re learning and growing up in God’s good truths for your life. Listen well, my friend, and you will see how God’s goodness will surround you. —Bob James

As you pray, ask God to give you listening ears.

About the Author

Reverend Bob James heads the non-profit organization One With God, which he formed to teach pastors and feed orphans across the globe. He produces daily Bible lessons, study books and commentaries to disciple pastors and church leaders.