Give Me, Lord!

Read: Proverbs 2:3-5

Yes, if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding. (v. 3)

You have likely been to a sporting event where they give away free T-shirts. At half-time or some other break in the action, the cheerleaders walk up and down the sidelines and throw or shoot the shirts to various parts of the crowd. People stand and wave for the shirts to come their way. They cry out, “Up here! Up here! Me! Me! I want it. I want it.” Desperately, it seems, they seek the cheerleaders’ attention to direct the shirt their way. They lean and grab for the projectiles as the shirts fly through the air. Getting one of those T-shirts seems like a big deal—such enthusiasm and effort!

However, this isn’t the way most of us behave when it comes to the Bible. Imagine someone entering church or Bible study, standing up and shouting, “Here! Here! Me! Me! Give me God’s Word, pastor. Teach me God’s truth, leader! I want it. I want it!” That’s a bit silly, but what would it look like if we sought God’s Word as the most important thing we could ever have?

That is just what this passage encourages us to do—to delight in God. The more you learn of God, the more you love him. As your love for God grows, people can see it, and ask you where that love comes from. And then you can tell them, “It’s my insight and understanding of God. Do you want it too?” —Bob James

As you pray, call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding.

About the Author

Reverend Bob James heads the non-profit organization One With God, which he formed to teach pastors and feed orphans across the globe. He produces daily Bible lessons, study books and commentaries to disciple pastors and church leaders.