Word of Life

Read: Proverbs 3:1-8

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. (v. 5)

These are words that you can live by, aren’t they? I want to live by them, and I hope and pray that you do too. So write God’s words on your heart. In other words, I pray you know what he says, and you believe what he says. I pray God’s words give you clear direction of what you say and do each day. When God’s words are written on your heart, you will know how much he loves you, and joyfully you will know how to love him in return.

Yes, my friend, put God’s Word into your heart, and you will desire him as you desire to be with your loved ones. As you hunger for food each day, you will hunger for God’s truths to fill your heart and pour into your soul. You will long to talk to God about your joys and your sorrows because you know his loving words are for your life.

Write God’s words on your heart by reading the Bible every day, studying the Bible and learning from it, and you will grow in faith because you will see his words enrich your life and give you peace. With God’s words on your heart, you will see how big he is. Acknowledge his lordship in your life, and you will find your paths straight and true. Yes, these are God’s words to live by as you feel the living God in your heart. —Bob James

As you pray, ask God to fill your heart with his Word.

About the Author

Reverend Bob James heads the non-profit organization One With God, which he formed to teach pastors and feed orphans across the globe. He produces daily Bible lessons, study books and commentaries to disciple pastors and church leaders.