Read: 2 Samuel 22:21-31

This God—his way is perfect. (v. 31)

“Perfect,” the receptionist said as she scheduled my next appointment. “Perfect,” replied the waiter upon taking our order. “Perfect,” the representative commented on the phone at least three times while taking my information. It is driving me nuts how this word is being overused lately! It’s not only the way the word is said, or because it’s inappropriate for the situation. No, it’s because I have struggled with trying—and failing—to reach what I see as perfection in many aspects of my life.

In our verse today, David affirms that “this God—his way is perfect” (v. 31). This is after many years of betrayal and battle with Saul, whom David had served and protected. I am pretty sure that during that time David did not feel his life was perfect. Yet, David trusted that through God’s steadfast love, he would be delivered (e.g., Ps. 6:4, 13:5, 17:7). God used those years to strengthen David’s faith in him. As king of Israel, David would need to fully depend on God.

Like David, we can have faith that in our imperfect situations, God has a perfect plan for us. Through his steadfast love he leads us, guides us, protects us, provides for us, and lavishes us with blessings and good things that we do not even see at times. Even when our prayers are not answered in the timing or way we want, God’s way for us is perfect and he will bring his plans to completion. —Donna Harold

As you pray, thank the Lord that through his steadfast love, his way for you is perfect.

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Donna Harold

Donna M. Harold is retired from a career in accounting and consulting and lives in Tampa, Florida, with her husband and two cats. She serves as treasurer for her church, creates and facilitates Bible studies, and enjoys writing, mosaicking, and quilting.

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