Committed to Evangelism

Amir lives in Iran, where converting to Christianity is illegal and where sharing your faith can be persecuted with time in prison, or worse. 

Despite the government trying to stop it, Christianity continues to spread in Iran, however. Many, like Amir, have no Bible, but they can download the Bible app, and some are getting quite creative about sharing good news in personal ways with those they know. 

Amir began handwriting Bible verses from the Bible app, and transcribing Words of Hope radio programs into his journal as well. 

With his handwritten resource, he continued to grow in his faith and evangelize others as he shared Bible verses every day. “One Bible verse can make another person interested to go searching,” he says. 

Amir took photos of his handwritten book and sent them to Words of Hope’s Iranian director. “His message made me so happy,” our director says. “If we have one listener like Amir, we are on the right path, which is enough to continue what we are doing. We are evangelizing and making disciples inside the closed country of Iran.”

Now we have been able to send Amir a few printed Bibles, including some specifically for children. We have also sent him the Alpha course on the basics of the Christian faith. Amir says that he cannot sufficiently express his feelings of thankfulness and praise to the Lord for the provision of these life-changing books. 

Thank you, too, for your continued support, which makes it possible for the gospel story to be shared in Iran and around the world. Please pray for Amir and others like him who faithfully evangelize despite the risks involved. Pray for wisdom and protection as they share, and pray that someday everyone in Iran will be free to worship God without persecution.