Do Good

Read: Proverbs 13

Disaster pursues sinners, but the righteous are rewarded with good. (v. 21)

As I listen to people talk about their lives, I have heard people say, “I wish I could have done better.” It is certainly commendable when people realize they could have made better choices. But why don’t people just do what is right?

Today’s reading talks about misfortune pursuing the sinner. As I consider the problems people face in this life, it makes me wonder, why don’t we do what’s right? Most of us know when we are acting wrong and causing conflict. In fact, most of us know very well the Bible’s clear dos and don’ts, but where we struggle is in having the right values and having them in the right order. Wrong values, as well as right values in the wrong order, will lead to wrong actions. Those wrong actions lead to consequences that cause people to ask, “How did I get into this mess?”

Usually the answer is, “I made some mistakes.” I know. Sometimes, things happen outside your control. Sometimes you’re a victim of others’ wrong actions. But misfortune very often is your fault. You go somewhere you shouldn’t. You drink one more beer. You spend too much on the credit card. You ignore your kids. You eat too much. You drive too fast. You stay away from church. You choose anger when you could choose forgiveness. You delight in conflict when you should treasure peace. One day you’ll say, “I should have done better.” Make that day today. —Bob James

As you pray, ask God to stir you up to do good now.

About the Author

Reverend Bob James heads the non-profit organization One With God, which he formed to teach pastors and feed orphans across the globe. He produces daily Bible lessons, study books and commentaries to disciple pastors and church leaders.