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What is Martyrs’ Day in Uganda?

In the country of Uganda, June 3 is celebrated as Martyrs’ Day. You may not have heard of this day, but it will help you pray for the church in

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Addiction Recovery in Uganda

One of the programs that your donations to Words of Hope support is in the country of Uganda. As listeners there responded to radio, YouTube, and TV programming, it became

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The Journey to Nebbi

In which Daniel, Jon, and Megan travel to northwestern Uganda to visit a new Words of Hope radio station, and nearly get washed away enroute.  The day was mild and

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Young Leadership in Uganda

Recently, one of our Ugandan language producers received a phone call from a listener who told him that, while she had been born into a Christian family, her father had

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Women Ending FGM

Keren sees the programs as a great way to teach listeners about Christianity, but also about business, health, and family issues. One of the biggest concerns in these remote villages is Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM.


Listener Groups in Kasese, Uganda

In Western Uganda, people meet together in homes, under trees, or in churches to listen to and discuss the radio programs. In just a few years, dozens of Messiah RADIO


Joshua Abure – Heavenly Reward

Joshua Abure shares a song with the congregation at Kawolokota Church of Uganda. Joshua is blind and has mastered the adungu, a nine-stringed bow harp. Joshua’s music is often recorded