January 2023 Prayer Guide

ENGLISH — Please pray for our devotional writers and editors. Pray that our writers would be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as they contemplate what topics to address. Pray also that our editors would be blessed with discernment as they work through what has been written. Pray that those who read the devotional will be drawn closer to the Lord each day, and that they will continue to grow in their faith. 

NEPAL — Give thanks for our Nepali ministry leader’s recent mission trip to a village called Jarua. This and other nearby villages are in an extremely remote location, and the people there live in poverty. They have no access to toilet facilities or schools for their children. Our leader is grateful for the hospitality he experienced on his trip, and he gives thanks that he was able to ordain two new pastors for the region. 

IRAN — Continue in prayer for the people of Iran. The government has begun carrying out executions against people who have been arrested in connection with the protests. Our leader for Persian ministry writes: “These days I am mourning and having a hard time. I am thanking the Lord for the birth of Jesus and for having Emmanuel with us, but I cannot celebrate when my people are suffering.”

NIGER — Pray for a regular Hausa program listener named Sani. Our producer in Niger writes that Sani has corresponded with him for some time, and that his questions show spiritual growth and understanding. Pray for Sani as he seeks to learn more about the Christian faith. Pray for the phone calls that he and our producer have, that their trust and friendship would grow, and that Sani would ultimately come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus. 

TURKEY — Give thanks for the many opportunities our ministry director in Turkey had to share about Jesus during the Christmas season. He and another outreach person traveled together for speaking opportunities about the true meaning of Christmas. Pray that those who listened to their messages will continue seeking after Christ in the new year. Pray that the radio programs will guide them further along in their faith. 

INDONESIA — Pray for efforts to build a wider network for the development of Karo language YouTube programs. We are thankful to have found two pastors in Indonesia who speak the Karo language and who have agreed to help us translate and produce YouTube programs in Karo. Pray that this new partnership will strengthen ties with local Indonesian churches who can provide followup for new believers.

INDIA — We give thanks for a successful discipleship training program that took place in India. The goal of this program was to teach believers how to reach out and help guide others in the path of discipleship. Attendees came from seven different villages. Pray especially that more young people will be reached with the gospel as these believers have now been equipped with outreach and discipleship training. 

BHUTAN — Give thanks for a successful leadership seminar for Monpa speakers. Many house church leaders were able to attend. “All glory be to our God, and thank you for your prayers,” writes our Bhutanese producer. Pray especially for the leader of a brand new house church that has begun with five families regularly in attendance. We are thankful that the members have united over their faith in Christ, despite ethnic and tribal differences. 

NEPAL — Our Nepali director organized community caroling during the month of December in his village. Pray that the beauty of the Christmas songs will prompt curiosity and interest in those who heard them. Now the team in Nepal has set out on a mission trip to over 30 locations across the countryside. “God is at work, and amazing things are happening in the land of mountains,” says our director. 

UGANDA — Our Rutooro producer reports that listenership has grown, as have the number of people calling in to request prayer after hearing a program. A Muslim man with a terrible skin rash called our producer and asked for prayer for healing and relief. Some time later he called again full of gratitude to God for the ways in which his condition had improved. Since then he has joined a local Ugandan church and will soon be baptized.  

KOSOVO — Tensions are rising between Kosovo and Serbia. Ethnic Serbs, who live in northern Kosovo, have set up barricades and are preventing Kosovan authorities from traveling freely. The Serbs have organized a threatening patrol force along the border of Serbia and Kosovo as well. There is a risk that the tensions could escalate and become violent. Pray that our team members who live and work in Kosovo will be kept safe. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Once again, South Sudanese civilians are being forced to flee. Over 9000 individuals are now on the run or in hiding due to another outbreak of violence. It is reported that some people are hiding in swamps or bushes. It isn’t known how many people have been killed already. Please intercede for these people, who have endured so much for so long. Pray for Christ’s peace to come to South Sudan.