King of Kings

Wilbur Washington

READ : John 18:28-38


We Americans have a fascination with royalty. I suspect that those of you who are from areas of the world that still identify with royal families have somewhat of a different feeling. You most certainly have a different understanding of what it is.

Sometimes as an American I would like to take a song like our spiritual for the day and adapt it to say, “He is president of presidents.” But that does violence to the meter and utterly destroys theological insight which we receive by singing “He is King of Kings.”

Just that line, “He is King of Kings,” may qualify this to be considered the Hallelujah chorus of the spirituals. The Handelian trills and runs are not there but the thrill and the Son are. “King of Kings! Lord of Lords! Jesus Christ, the first and last! No man works like Him!”

He is not chosen by an electorate. His reign is not subject to popular vote. He elects! He rules even if no one is in agreement with His policy. The only reasonable symbol we can use is, “He is King.” To be sure, He is the King of love.

Perhaps our fascination with the world’s royalty stems from the fact that we want to see through these very dim lenses what we are acknowledging when we call Him King. He is King not for a day, nor for a life time, but King yesterday, today and forever.


Thank You, Jesus, that we have been elected to be subjects in Your kingdom. Amen.