Gideon Cleans Up for God

Read: Judges 6:25-32

Pull down the altar of Baal that your father has. (v. 25)

When I get excited about a new direction, I’m ready to leap into action. Frequently, I’ve hardly settled down into prayer before I think of some new thing God probably wants me to do. Then I’m jumping up off my knees again, eager to write the letter or make the phone call or join the group or start the ministry. But if I can just stay still a little longer, God sometimes shows me that I’m not as ready as I think I am.

God has a big job for Gideon to do. He has been called to save his entire nation from the army of Midian. But before Gideon can even start on that project, God wants him to look closer to home. Before he can be ready to save his people, Gideon must clean up the idols in his own father’s house. Before he can go out and do big things for God, Gideon needs to make sure his own house is cleansed of sin. As Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount, if we come to do something for God and then remember that we’ve wronged our brother, we must first repair the offense before we can offer anything of value to God (Matt. 5:23-24).

If we slow down enough to ask God to search our hearts, he will show us what’s there. As God uncovers our idols, we must allow Jesus to destroy them. Only then will we be prepared for God’s bigger call. —Sarah Sanderson

As you pray, ask God to cleanse you from sin.

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Sarah Sanderson lives in Oregon with her pastor husband and four children.

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