We Were Never Alone

Read: Psalm 46

The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. (v. 7 NIV)

King was a great pet, and a good guardian of our family and property. He was a multicolored German Shepherd we got as a pup. He grew to be very large and strong. Since we lived in a remote, rural area, King had lots of room to roam, hunting for rabbits with his friend Queen, our neighbor’s dog.

My husband was often gone on trips to the Tzeltal churches. Our daughter Lisa and I noticed that whenever Sam was away, King would not leave us. If she and I left the house to buy eggs or tortillas from one of our neighbors, King followed us. He never went off hunting when Sam was gone.

It gave us a sense of well-being, knowing that King would warn us of any strangers approaching, and that he was always close by us when we left the house.

When Sam returned, King and Queen would take off for the wooded hill behind our house to hunt. Sam was home; King could go off duty.

How much more should we as Christians have a sense of well-being knowing that the King of kings, God himself, is always on duty watching over us in love. We should never fear, for he has promised to always be with us. —Helen Hofman

As you pray, ask God to be near you today, and thank God for his loving protection every day.

About the Author

Helen Hofman is a retired missionary. She and her husband Sam worked with the Tzeltal and Tojolabal Indians of Chiapas, Mexico for more than forty years. In their work, they helped set up a Bible School to train the Tzeltals, taught in the Bible School, prepared Sunday School materials, textbooks, hymnals and audiovisuals. They also coordinated the translation of the Amatenango Tzeltal New Testament and the revision of the highland Tzeltal Bible.