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Devotional Habit

The Shaping Power of a Devotional Life

When you read any Words of Hope devotional you will find insight, challenge, comfort, or inspiration. Perhaps a story will resonate with your heart and you will find yourself thinking

Prison Ministry

The Voices Linger

At Words of Hope, we believe that God never turns his back on his children, and we shouldn’t either. We regularly see how God is using the devotional in prison to bring the hope of Jesus Christ into people’s lives.

David Bast
Rev. David Bast

Carols and Lessons

What would Christmas be without carols to sing? Yet how often do we think about the familiar words we are singing? In these devotionals, David Bast tells the stories behind

Open Bible with text highlighted in blue ink
Harry Buis

Read the Bible in a Year

“Do you understand what you’re reading?” That was Philip’s question to a man from Ethiopia who was reading the Bible one day (Acts 9:30). Even to the most educated reader,

Helen Hofman

Light from Tzeltal Lamps

Fifty years ago the Tzeltal Indians of southern Mexico heard the gospel. With grateful enthusiasm they shared the good news of salvation with their people and surrounding tribes. Today 60,000 Tzeltals, over 1/4 of the tribal population, are passionate believers.