September 2022 Prayer Guide

INDONESIA — Pray for the young people who participate in the Booming Youth Community. The community members worship and study the Bible together. Pray that as they meet, the young people will come to know and love God more. Pray too that as their lives change, their behavior will attract others to learn more about the faith. Pray that Words of Hope’s YouTube devotionals in the region will help the young people grow in their faith as well. 

BHUTAN — Pray for the ministry team as they navigate the challenges of hilly terrain that make visiting listeners in remote areas difficult. Our producer in the region relays that pandemic restrictions have also been reimposed based on a few cases. Travel bans have been strictly imposed between the India and Bhutan borders. Pray that follow-up efforts will be able to move forward in creative ways. 

TURKEY — Pray for the Turkish church. Strong and faithful church leaders are needed. Please also pray for faithful lay leaders to be involved in evangelizing the country. Pray also that the daily needs of believers in Turkey will be met. The economy is doing poorly, and inflation for things like gas and electricity are up as much as 60%. Even rent and groceries cost more than ever before.

UGANDA — Pray for Ugandans who are searching for employment or mourning the loss of loved ones. Pray that fellowships formed through Words of Hope would serve as a steadying place of encouragement for those who need it. We are thankful that new listener services continue to spring up around the country. We pray that those who attend would be blessed and would grow in their faith together. 

NEPAL — Give thanks for a two-week pastoral training program in Nepal. Pray for the ten pastors who are attending, that they would be refreshed to go back to their congregations after this time together. We also give thanks for the continuing production of the “Kroos Ko Yaatra” radio program. Several encouraging interactions between listeners and the studio have happened recently!

ENGLISH — Pray for the finishing touches to come together for Words of Hope’s Advent Calendar! This December, the Words of Hope devotional will offer families the opportunity to countdown to Christmas with purpose. Craft activities, calendar printouts, and an adapted devotional series for families with young children will be available on the Words of Hope website. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Please pray for peace and provision in South Sudan. At least 95 people have been killed in communal violence in the past month, and nearly 18,000 people have once again been displaced from their homes. Cattle raids are causing some of the violence. People are also enduring torrential rains and the resulting floods. Millions are expected to face food insecurity in the coming months.  

INDIA — Across India there have been celebrations of Independence Day, commemorating the completion of 75 years of freedom from British colonialism. India’s years of freedom have still brought many problems, however. Let’s pray that the poor and minority groups, including Christians, could experience freedom from fear, exploitation, and injustice. We pray that systems of power in the country would be free from corruption. 

NIGER — A recent soccer match was organized between a team of Muslim youth and a team of Christian youth in Niger. After the game, Words of Hope was able to give an SD with Christian programming to each player and coach from the Muslim team. Visits to prisons in the area have also provided an opportunity for the distribution of food, Bibles in French, and SD cards for both the incarcerated people and their guards. 

IRAN — We are thankful to welcome a new member to the Iranian ministry team! She lives outside the country of Iran, and will be producing videos for Words of Hope’s Iranian social media channels. She also has a program on Mohabat TV covering the topic of what we can learn from the men and women in the Bible. Pray that the videos she makes will help to bring many people to Christ. 

ALBANIA — Testimonies are always encouraging, and can help us understand how the Word of God is touching people through Words of Hope’s programs. One viewer shared: “The Truth I Hold program is a really unique and beautiful experience. The conversations reflect on life, the value of faith, the joy of God’s blessings, and testing during challenges and hardships. I am very grateful for your work.”

NEPAL — Pray for the team in Nepal as they work toward producing a print devotional modeled after the Words of Hope devotional used in North America. Translating the original content is proving difficult, but the team plans to work on simplifying the content to make local translation easier. Pray that this devotional resource could be published in September as planned, and that many Nepalis would read it.