June 2022 Prayer Guide

INDONESIA — We give thanks for the start of a new listener community in Indonesia. The group name is “Galilea,” and there are about 20 members. Most of those who attend are high school students. Pray for the community coordinator, as she seeks to minister to these young people. Pray also that COVID-19 transmissions in the area would go down so that meeting together will continue to be possible. 

TURKEY — Please pray with us for the entire country of Turkey to have access to Christian radio broadcasts. A new church and community center is being built in Antalya near where our director lives. He writes that this new facility will be equipped with a recording studio that he will be able to use. He will also likely have his own office space in the building. Pray for the construction efforts. 

IRAN — A Words of Hope board member recently had the opportunity to present about ministry in Iran at a school. She chose to talk about the time she attended a discipleship conference for Iranian converts. After hearing her stories, the students were inspired to draw cards to send to the Christians in Iran to let them know that they are not alone in their faith. Give thanks for the missional hearts of these children. 

ENGLISH — We are thankful for a devotional reader who wrote to share how they recycle the Words of Hope devotional. “I don’t throw them away. Sometimes I let a dear friend take some home to enjoy. She goes to another church, but we still share God’s word, and receive strength and courage through these trying times. Our world needs more workers in it. So thankful you came to share God’s love.”

ALBANIA — Give thanks that Vision of Hope fundraising is paving the way for a devotional writing conference that will be available for Albanian Christians later this year! Right now the North American Words of Hope daily devotional is translated into Albanian. This workshop will allow the Albanian team to engage a more streamlined process of in-country writers who can address topics relating directly to Albanian life and Scripture. 

INDIA — Due to the pandemic, many people are still dealing with sickness and stress. They are suffering from depression and other mental and emotional issues. The Words of Hope ministry team in India has been continuously visiting people in their homes and in the hospital, to offer prayer, counseling, and encouragement. Pray for the team, that God will grant them an extra supply of peace to share with those around them. 

UGANDA — Pray for the team as they minister to refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who fled to Uganda following an M23 rebel attack. M23 rebels had not been active in the region in the last ten years. But recent rebel attacks on Congolese soldiers have sent tens of thousands of people fleeing to Uganda as DRC residents fear there will be more violence to come. Pray for grace and wisdom as our team reaches out to these refugees. 

NEPAL — Our team leader in Nepal reports that it has become more difficult to maintain communication with listeners lately. Less listener groups are meeting together, and the radio stations are unable to provide listener data or feedback. Please pray for a solution for this lack of direct communication with those listening to the programs. Pray that more listeners would call our team directly with their questions so that relationships can be started. 

NIGER — Pray for a new Nigerien program in the Gourmantche language that will address questions listeners send in. If one person has a question, the producer expects many others will find the program relatable as well. Our producer also hopes to build rapport with the listeners by featuring their questions in the programming. Pray with us that these Q&A programs will be popular and lead many to Christ. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Pray for provision for the team in South Sudan, as they are in need of new computers, audio recorders, and rechargeable batteries for the recorders. It is very expensive to purchase these items in Rumbek, South Sudan. Pray that the team will continue to find ways to air programs as they wait for newer equipment. Pray also for safety in transportation and good networking with radio stations. 

ENGLISH — Pray for the ongoing development of a Words of Hope Advent activity calendar to accompany the daily devotional this coming Christmas. The goal is to create a resource that can be adapted for individuals or families as they meditate on Scripture, pray, and engage in meaningful activities of celebration and service while waiting for Christmas day. Pray for inspiration and insight as work on this project continues. 

BHUTAN — The Bhutanese team is grateful for recent steps of progress being made. On social media, they have been sharing Scripture every day and producing sermon videos every week. Video production has involved a learning curve for the team, as previously only audio recordings were used, but the video editing skills of the team are improving, and people are responding positively to the new videos from the team.