July 2022 Prayer Guide

SOUTH SUDAN — The Words of Hope team in South Sudan requests ongoing prayer for the country as they continue to face COVID-19 with very little medical infrastructure. Pray also for peace in the country, and that civilians would consent to laying down weapons that are too often used against neighboring tribes. Pray that our ministry team would make progress toward sustainability so that the gospel message of peace can change hearts and lives. 

INDONESIA — One of our radio broadcasts in Indonesia has been moved to a new station. The original station was located in a Muslim-majority area, and refused to play the broadcasts if they contained Bible verses. The new station we are partnering with broadcasts into an area that is majority Christian, but still nearly 20% Muslim. Pray that the Scripture broadcasts would bring more people to Christ. 

ENGLISH — Give thanks that Words of Hope’s Sunday School curriculum for children, called “One Faith,” is complete! Pray as we continue to market the resource to churches and families, that the right people would be led to try it. The lessons are geared toward introducing young children to the many things we can learn from Christians living around the world, and how we can support one another in our walks of faith. 

UGANDA — Our radio producers working in different regions of Uganda are finding ways to network together and share content. This is a great way to get more variety in the local programming! A recent program theme was, “Freedom in Christ.” We give thanks that people listening to the programs are experiencing healing from addictions and finding courage to connect with local church congregations for support. 

BHUTAN — Give thanks that our team in Bhutan has been able to hold evangelism and church planting workshops for three different language groups: Bhutanese, Sikkimese, and Nepali. More workshops are currently in the planning stages. Local house churches in the area are passionate to share the gospel, but they do not know how. Thank God that we have the opportunity to equip these leaders!

TURKEY — A radio listener in Turkey wrote to tell us that he is a believer. The radio content is helping him in his faith walk, as he lives in a remote area of the country. He is also using the programs to share the gospel with one of his friends! Pray that God will use this relationship and the content of the radio programs to lead the friend to salvation. We are thankful for the ways in which radio can foster Christian community. 

ALBANIA — A listener from Kosovo writes: “I have been listening to the devotional program on the radio for quite some time. No one told me about this program; it was by coincidence as I was searching the radio channels for something new. It has become my favorite program, and I hardly miss any broadcasts.” Give thanks that programs can be shared in neighboring Kosovo where people also speak Albanian. 

NEPAL — Give thanks for many new ministry opportunities in the last month. The Nepali team was able to host a large premarital counseling session for 50 young couples. Pray for these relationships to continue strong in the Lord. We also rejoice at the news that four new families have accepted the Lord and joined churches in the area! Pray that they would continue to grow in faith in their new church families. 

BHUTAN — Pray for the many aspects of outreach currently underway in Bhutan. The team is responsible for carrying out children’s ministry, leadership and discipleship training, posting daily Scriptures and weekly sermons on social media, hosting women’s prayer meetings, and creating video content. Pray that no more country-wide COVID-19 lockdowns would be needed so that in-person ministry can continue. 

IRAN — The country of Iran is still one of the hardest places to be a Christian on earth. Open Doors USA again ranked Iran one of the ten countries where Christians face the most persecution in the world. Christians in Iran continue to be attacked and arrested. They are not provided with lawyers, and they can be sentenced by the court immediately to up to 15 years in prison. Pray for safety and courage for all those we are in contact with. 

INDIA — We hear troubling reports from India of frustrated young people, religious hatred, bigotry, and a rampant increase in human rights violations. Pray that the programming and education services from Words of Hope would bring biblical wisdom to the hearts of many people in India. Pray that the peace of Christ would overrule violent impulses, and that the oppressed would be granted justice. 

NIGER — Words of Hope team leaders in Niger are thankful for the Lord’s protection. Despite persistent insecurity where they live, God is keeping them safe. Security guards continue to patrol the region. They are grateful that this allows them to go about their daily business, but ask for your continued prayers for their safety. Pray also for wisdom from the Holy Spirit as the producers seek to answer the questions that listeners have.