Giving Tuesday

Bringing God's Word to the Kuku People

This Giving Tuesday, your donation triples to bring the New Testament to the Kuku people of Uganda for the first time.

The Kuku language is spoken by the Kuku people of Uganda and South Sudan. Until 2006, the Kuku had never heard their language spoken on the radio. But that’s when Words of Hope’s donors stepped in to bring gospel broadcasts in the Kuku heart language.

Since that time, the radio has been a powerful tool, allowing many Kuku people to hear the gospel for the first time and find faith in Christ. This has ignited a new passion: the desire to translate the Bible into the Kuku language.

The Kuku people have endured hardships. For years they were marginalized and mistreated. Their lands were seized. They were denied education opportunities. Their people were scattered. They have longed for a sense of unity and a place to call home.

Words of Hope remains the sole ministry providing gospel content in media for the Kuku people. Now, we face a crucial task—to bring them a Bible in their own language. The Kuku leaders have committed to raising 15% of the translation cost, and we can’t wait any longer to support them.

Join us in this important endeavor to provide the Kuku people with a Bible in their heart language. Let’s stand together with this marginalized community, offering them the gift of God’s Word that will last for generations.

Support the Project

The Kuku people urgently need the New Testament in their own language. The cost for this translation project is approximately $60,000, less than $10 per life-changing Scripture verse. Your donation will help the Kuku people access the Word of God in their heart language! And today only, your gift triples to translate three times as many verses!*

Donate now and be a part of God’s work among the Kuku.

*The first $12,000 donated on Giving Tuesday will be tripled. Any funds donated over and above what is needed to complete this fundraising project will be applied toward similar ministry projects in Uganda.