Carols and Lessons

An Advent Devotional What would Christmas be without carols to sing? Yet how often do we think about the familiar words we are singing?   In these devotionals, David Bast tells the stories behind many of our most beloved Christmas carols and links them with appropriate scripture lessons (readings) to illuminate the messages they have […]

My Journey, God’s Grace

Steven Laman as a boy using typewriter

Come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me. Born without enough oxygen, Steven Laman has lived with cerebral palsy his whole life. Steven and his family had to learn and adjust to his disability, and a different life than the one they had planned. But Steven’s story is not a […]

Living Generously

Is giving easy for you? The Bible teaches us that giving generously is an important part of Christian life. If we study the Bible carefully we will see that Jesus’ entire life was an exercise in self-giving. Anyone who wants to imitate Christ must learn how to give. This two week meditation, originally featured in […]