April 2023 Prayer Guide

NEPAL — Pray for the team in Nepal as they continue to work toward expanding the number of languages and dialects they produce media in. Nepali society is divided according to caste levels and societal groups. Unique programming by locals of different areas of the country is likely to speak more closely to the needs of the people there. Pray for the team as they explore the possibility of adding more language producers to the team. 

TURKEY — Continue in prayer for the country of Turkey and the many people there still suffering in the aftermath of the earthquakes. In addition, disastrous flooding has now hit some of the same areas already devastated by the quakes. More people have died in the floods, shelters have been washed away, and massive cleanup efforts are again underway. Pray for relief and comfort for all those affected.  

IRAN — The government in Iran continues to cut Internet access as part of their crackdown on country-wide protests. Because of this, our team is currently trying to do more in-person ministry work. Please pray for protection and safety for the Persian ministry team members who are working inside the country during this tense time. Pray too for the groups of Christians who are gathering secretly for worship and Bible study.

UGANDA — Pray as the team in Uganda begins working on psycho-social programming with qualified counselors. The aim of these programs is to speak to the needs of people who are trauma survivors. Following the pandemic, there has been an increase in mental health struggles in the country. Pray that this programming will provide encouragement and a way for people to connect to counselors who can help. 

SOUTH SUDAN — We give thanks that Dinka radio program has been progressing very well. Our producer reports that, at this time, there is peace and stability in the country of South Sudan. Praise the Lord! As a result, our staff there have been able to resume contact with programmers who were previously cut off due to instability and conflict in the surrounding region. It is wonderful to once again be receiving new programs from around the country. 

BHUTAN — Give thanks for the Lord’s provision of healing for a lady in Bhutan who had been sick for many years with epilepsy symptoms. Her family had exhausted all means of helping her, but Jesus brought hope into her life. An old lady in her community witnessed to her about how Jesus had set her free from sickness and sin. The woman believed in Christ, experienced healing, and has now been baptized. Thanks be to God!

ENGLISH — Pray for the Words of Hope English team as they enter into a strategic planning process with the goal of increasing the number of subscribers to the Words of Hope devotional. Over the years, this resource has blessed many, and we hope to make it more widely available. Pray that those who encounter the devotional will be challenged and comforted as they read, and that they will be moved to support the work of Words of Hope around the world. 

INDIA — An initiative in India to train women and girls how to knit and sew continues to do well. This project helps equip women and girls with skills for earning a living wage. Classes last two hours, and 32 students are currently enrolled. Students express gratitude for the training, saying that they feel so at home with the Words of Hope staff at the center they wish they never had to leave. We are thankful for this practical opportunity to share the love and care of Christ. 

TURKEY — Give thanks with us for Haluk Bilgen, who has served as the director for Turkish ministry for Words of Hope for over twenty years. Haluk is retiring from this position this year, and is relocating back to the United States with his wife, Wendy. Haluk has plans to continue ministering through a hospital chaplaincy program. Pray for Haluk and Wendy as they adapt to these life changes and trust God for their future. 

INDONESIA — Give thanks for the recent training of several potential new community group coordinators in Indonesia. One of the trainees has already organized a community that is now meeting together regularly. Pray that the other trainees would have similar success in their outreach. Pray that as people watch the video recordings in their language, they would make a decision to follow Christ. 

ALBANIA — Give thanks for a safe and successful staff trip to Albania for strategic planning with the Albanian ministry team, and to host a devotional writing workshop for pastors and lay people in the country. It was exciting to see first samples of devotional writing work. Albanian writers can capture elements unique to their cultural context in their writings that make the gospel message come alive in new ways for Albanian readers. 

NIGER — Our producer in Niamey writes: “Serving the Lord is a great privilege. And in all things we must give him thanks. My family is doing well in Makalondi. Despite the presence of Jihadists in our area, God is always by our side to keep and protect us.” Join us in praying for ongoing protection for ministry workers in Niger. Hostility towards Christians is an ongoing threat for many who choose to evangelize or convert.