A Season of Silence

Read: Luke 1:57-66

All who heard [these things] laid them up in their hearts, saying, “What then will this child be?” For the hand of the Lord was with him. (v. 66)

Have you ever had a time when you could not speak clearly? Perhaps you lost your voice for a few days with a simple cold, or for a longer period with a more serious issue. Losing your voice can make it much harder to communicate, and can be very frustrating. When Zechariah questioned the angel’s announcement (v. 18) and sought proof for what was promised, he was unable to speak (vv. 20-22). During Elizabeth’s pregnancy and even the first eight days after John’s birth, Zechariah was limited to other forms of communication such as writing on a tablet (v. 63).

Yet, there was good that came out of this situation. Zechariah’s loss of speech led to an opportunity for people to be filled with awe (v. 65). When his mouth was opened, he began to speak, praising God. Luke 1:67 tells us that Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied. Zechariah didn’t choose bitterness. Over months of silent reflection, he trusted in God’s plan, watched Elizabeth’s belly grow, and gave glory to God.

Seasons of silence or times when you choose to trust God rather than question him can provide opportunities for you to listen, learn, and grow. When God disciplines or limits you, it’s a reminder his work is not dependent on you. When that happens, will you still praise him?

As you pray, spend time praising and thanking God.

About the Author

Rev. Steve Petroelje is a specialized transition pastor who serves vacant churches and helps them assess health, pursue missional effectiveness, and conduct a pastoral search process. He is the past-president of the Words of Hope Board of Trustees.

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