June 2024 Prayer Guide

BHUTAN — A young mother from an indigenous tribe began sending one of her children to Words of Hope’s after school tutoring center in the area. She was delighted with the progress her child made academically and behaviorally as a result of attending the center. Staff at the center had the opportunity to share the gospel with this mother multiple times over the course of several months. She and her family have now embraced Christ as Savior!

SOUTH SUDAN — Words of Hope’s producer in South Sudan reports that the radio ministry has been progressing well, and that they are experiencing a time of relative peace and stability in the country. This peace has allowed our team members to once again gather programs created by pastors throughout the country. This has not been possible in the past due to tribal conflict. Give thanks that good program content is once again easily accessible for our team.  

TURKEY — Last year our team in Turkey moved into a new office. They are settling in well in their new space, and are developing new routines and better production patterns. The team has been understaffed, but were recently able to find a new team member who is helping with many aspects of program production. Pray for this new team member, who is responsible for editing programs, uploading them to the database, and prepping for broadcast. 

IRAN — Both Iran’s president and foreign minister were recently killed in a helicopter crash. Many Iranians feel relief that the president has died. He was responsible for much injustice during his years in power, including brutality towards protestors following the death of Mahsa Amini in 2022. The next election takes place this month. Please join us in praying for fair elections in Iran and that the next president will be a just and merciful person. 

KOSOVO — We celebrate that our producer in Kosovo has welcomed a new son into his family. This is his and his wife’s third child. Pray for their family, as they live in a place where there are few Christians, and ministry work can be lonely. Pray for them too as they adjust to life as a family of five. We give thanks for their commitment to sharing the gospel in the hard-to-reach region of Kosovo. 

UGANDA — A young man named Israel lost both of his parents, and in his mourning and frustration turned his back on the church. Recently, however, he joined one of Words of Hope’s Bible study classes. Over time he felt convicted to return to church. He is currently taking piano lessons, and is serving as the church organist! Israel’s church has rallied around him and is now providing him with funding so he can complete school. 

INDONESIA — We are still searching for a new translator for Aceh language programs. This person would be responsible for translating, recording, and broadcasting programs in the Aceh language. Please pray with us that God will send the right Acehnese-speaker to help translate the devotional. These devotional programs are aired by a floating radio station that broadcasts from a boat along the shore.   

NEPAL — Following up with new listeners to the radio programs is one of the hardest things to do in Nepal owing to the many differing family and religious backgrounds that listeners come from. Religious hostility is sometimes a danger. The team uses regional coordinators to help with in-person outreach, but we are still looking for better ways to open doors for communicating well with listeners. 

ENGLISH — One devotional reader wrote: “I want to thank you so very much for sending me your free devotional booklet. I don’t know what I would do without it. It has given me so much hope in the past few years. I lost my job, my family, my car, and had little money when I received your booklet. Your devotional kept me from doing anything that I would regret. Thank you, again, for your incredible devotional booklet.

NIGER — Six Words of Hope team members recently traveled to the Bible School in Mailo to provide computer and radio production training. Twenty-eight students attended the training. While there, members of the team also installed solar panels on the school so that the students can enjoy more consistent access to electricity. “Helping men and women learn is a true privilege,” says Words of Hope’s team leader. 

INDIA — Words of Hope India runs several community development programs alongside gospel outreach. One of these programs exists to train women how to knit and sew clothes. Most of the women who attend the classes do so in order to learn skills that will help them to make a living wage. Thirty-four women just completed the last training course. Pray that these women would benefit greatly from the skills they have learned.