February Prayer Guide 2022

BHUTAN — Words of Hope’s leader in Bhutan sends the following praise report! “Thank you for supporting our ministry. Praise God for three new fellowships. Praise God for 30 children who accepted Christ. Praise God for a local church that has become too small to house all the believers because of the rapid growth. Praise God for eight young people who received Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Savior.”

INDIA — One of the teams working in India had the opportunity to distribute blankets to 50 needy families, as it is currently the coldest part of the winter there. Warm capes, socks, and masks have also been given to the thirty-five children attending Words of Hope’s tuition center in the region. Thank you for working with us to reach these people, and pray for the other teams as they also begin to distribute blankets. 

ALBANIA — Please be in prayer for Words of Hope’s Albanian director, as he has been battling pneumonia and recovery has been slow. Support him and his family in prayer as they have three young children at home also, including a three month old baby. Pray that the rest of the family will stay healthy and that our director will be given strength and vision going into this new year after a challenging beginning. 

IRAN — We give thanks for partnerships and synergy between our Persian ministry and the ministries of Through the Bible, Discipleship Essentials, and Global Share. Their support is directly impacting the lives of people in the country of Iran. As together we continue to build networks, we anticipate being able to accomplish even more by working together. Please be in prayer for new learning opportunities for Persian Christians in the coming year!

INDONESIA — Pray for the development of YouTube channels specific to each language of our Indonesian ministry. We hope that this shift will help us better target specific audiences. Please also be in prayer for the team as they are searching for another translator to help with production of Kupang language videos. Pray for encouragement for the team as they try to keep the content up-to-date while short on staff. 

NIGER — We give thanks that our team in Niger was able to distribute memory cards containing gospel programming in collaboration with an eye mission team from the US. This partnership has increased the number of contacts that our team has inside the country. “I liked to see visually impaired people smile again after having received the ophthalmological procedure,” shares our team leader. 

UGANDA — Pray for radio producer Kezie who is working in Central Buganda. She started a new project for Words of Hope in that region about a year ago. In the first few months of her ministry there, amazing responses to the gospel have been coming in. Kezie has also been using her background in agronomy to help local farmers figure out ways to process their corn into flour that they can sell. 

NEPAL — Praise the Lord for a successful mission trip for the Nepal team as they traveled around the country for 15 days sharing about the hope of Jesus. The team put on programs in 29 different locations and worked together with 69 different local pastors. “We shared the love of Christ, and both young and old were led to hope in the midst of the pandemic!” shares Words of Hope’s Nepali leader. 

INDIA — We are thankful that one of the teams in India was able to organize a Christmas prayer meeting in a local village. They talked together about why Jesus came into the world. Blankets were given out to all the families in attendance, and much gratitude was expressed for the gifts. While returning home, the team noticed a farmer working in a beautiful little barn, and they decided to use the setting to record all of their Christmas videos!

SOUTH SUDAN — Pray that our Dinka team would be able to return to Rumbek, South Sudan at the end of February. A gathering has been planned for that time to discern next steps for a strategic radio station project. Funding and planning are nearing completion. Pray also for the many South Sudanese people who are still displaced from their homes because of flooding or other instabilities in the region. 

TURKEY — We are grateful that Words of Hope broadcasts have been able to continue uninterrupted, both on radio and television. Our director reports that Christmas was an exciting time for the Turkish ministry as the team was able to share the good news of Jesus in a greater dimension. Please pray that COVID cases in the region will lessen and that the team will be able to hold larger gatherings safely once again.

ENGLISH —  A devotional reader writes: “I am thankful for the good news that Words of Hope relays. I’ve added grandchildren to the email listing, so daily they and I have read the same meditations. Praying Words of Hope always is Bible-based meditations. Too many meditations are often political, not Biblical, which is vastly different! Praying with you and for you!” Pray for God’s wisdom to guide our writers and editors.