January Prayer Guide 2022

SOUTH SUDAN — Continue to pray for everyone still suffering from severe flooding in South Sudan. Floodwaters have been high since June of 2021, the worst flooding the region has experienced in 60 years. Homes, farms, and markets have been destroyed. The UN reports that 35,000 people have been displaced. Pray for relief for people who are searching for shelter, food, and medical supplies. 

ALBANIA — Our Albanian leader writes that the team has received “great feedback on our platforms and for more than just one specific program. We get encouragement for our dedication and for pressing on faithfully over the years, compliments on the quality of our programs, and even suggestions on new programs.” Unfortunately, travel restrictions are again limiting the expansion of ministry efforts into nearby Kosovo and Macedonia.  

UGANDA — We are thankful for the time that President Jon was able to spend visiting our ministry partners in Uganda recently. When Jon asked what the best part of our producer Kezie’s job is, she explained that getting to hear stories of lives being changed and restored because of the gospel is what keeps her going. Especially during pandemic lockdowns, Words of Hope media has become a lifeline of hope and support for people in Uganda. 

TURKEY — Give thanks that Words of Hope’s Turkish ministry leader has completed more than 1000 programs since he started! He says that his main goal is to share the good news of Jesus. He writes and records programs for both radio and television. He reads and studies the Bible to prepare for each program like a sermon. His programs address everyday issues from a biblical perspective. 

IRAN — We are thankful that some of the house church members in Iran were able to gather together safely to celebrate Christmas. They had Christmas decorations and even a beautiful Christmas cake! At the party, the daughter of one of the church members gave her heart to Jesus, surrounded by many other believers. This was an amazing answer to prayer for the mother, who has been a believer for a long time. 

NEPAL — We give thanks for news of more than 25 baptisms in Nepal! More believers are joining the churches, and three additional church fellowships have started. Please continue in prayer for the country as COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise. Our leader also reports that the political situation in Nepal is concerning, and that the socio-economic situation for many individuals is cause for great concern. 

ENGLISH — We received the following note from a reader, “My sister sent me a copy of “My Grace is Sufficient,” and it has really blessed my husband and I. Twenty months ago he suffered a brain aneurysm and subsequent stroke. As a result he is in a wheelchair and has challenges communicating even though he understands what is going on. We were told he would not live and certainly not recover cognitive function, but our God is one of miracles, and he has.”

BHUTAN — We praise the Lord for this good news from Bhutan! Three new house church fellowships have started. Our leader reports that 30 children, 8 young people, and 3 families have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. A church congregation has outgrown their current place of worship as so many have joined recently. Let’s pray for this group of Christians as they navigate growth-related planning. 

INDONESIA — Please pray for the people living on the island of East Java, Indonesia. In early December, the Mount Semeru volcano erupted. Thousands of people were forced to flee, and many individuals lost their lives. The team there has been working to help provide for the daily needs of some of the displaced people at this time. Pray that God would provide relief, strength, and comfort. 

NEPAL — We give thanks that during COVID-19, our team in Nepal has been able to provide basic food relief for thousands of people. Specifically, hot meals were provided for people stranded on the streets in Kathmandu during lockdowns for many months. We are also thankful that our ministry leader was eventually able to visit the far-west region of Nepal to offer training and encouragement, despite many COVID-related challenges.

INDIA — Our leader in India sends these words of encouragement and challenge: “I have been meditating on the life of John the Baptist. Prepare the way for the Lord. John the Baptist prepared the way with a message and a lifestyle. We need the message of Christ. We need the messenger also. Paul says we are Christ’s ambassadors.” Let us all aim to prepare the way for Christ in this new year, through our words and through our actions. 

NIGER — Please pray for the team of evangelists in Niger. One leader has moved with his family into a new ministry area, but people there have refused to rent out a house for them. Currently they are making do by sheltering in a house made from grass. The local church has purchased land in order to hopefully build something better for the family. Pray that they would be provided for and accepted into the community as they seek to minister there.