October Prayer Guide 2021

UGANDA — Give thanks that Revival FM just celebrated three years of ministry. Our director reports: “We have seen [the station] grow within the region of southwestern Uganda. Families have been restored, and youths have been taught and equipped morally and spiritually. We have even heard testimonies from Muslims.” People call the station to request music to listen to in their cars while driving, or while working at their offices and homes. 

INDIA — Please pray for ongoing efforts to produce an album of Kashmiri gospel music at one of our recording studios in India. This will be traditional chakri style Kashmiri music, using an instrument called a rabab, along with other traditional instruments. The end product will be unique Kashmiri worship music created by Christians in the region for use in worship services and broadcast productions. 

NEPAL — Please pray for our ministry leader in Nepal as he goes on a mission trip to western parts of the country this fall. He plans to meet several new pastors and leaders, and conduct three days of pastoral training. He will get to visit three new church plants, meet with the new radio station we are contracting with to reach the western region of Nepal, and interview possible candidates for the position of ministry coordinator in that area.

NIGER — We give thanks with our partners in Niger for a good rainy season in the country. This improves the outlook for crops and assures there will be plentiful food for the winter months. We ask for prayer for new believers in Niger who are experiencing persecution because of their choice to follow Christ. People living near the borders of the country are at increased risk of being persecuted. 

INDONESIA — Words of Hope’s leader in Indonesia reports that even in this pandemic situation, communities on the island of Nias are able to hold house meetings with an average attendance of 16 people. During these meetings, they pick a topic of discussion from a Words of Hope YouTube program called Baso-Baso Dodo, or Heart Soother. Pray that these listener communities would be a support to each other as they seek to grow in faith together. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Please remember our South Sudanese team in your prayers. Pray especially that the country of South Sudan would gain access to COVID-19 vaccines. South Sudan lacks much of the medical infrastructure needed to care for individuals who become sick, so people are desperate for vaccines. Pray for protection over our team members as they wait and continue to share the peace of Christ with those around them.

BHUTAN — We give thanks for our team in Bhutan. They continue to learn and develop new skills that allow them to create programs rich in content and high in quality. Our ministry leader shares: “I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful ministry.” Pray that the team would be encouraged as they reach out through social media and host virtual Bible study programs. Pray that more in person ministry can resume soon. 

ALBANIA — Please pray for the outreach work of our Albanian team. They have been sharing the gospel not only in Albania, but also in nearby Kosovo and North Macedonia. Unfortunately, the situation with COVID-19 appears to have gotten worse in those places in the last two months. Our director reports that especially in Kosovo, the number of infections and deaths has become alarming for such a small population. Pray that virus transmission will decrease. 

TURKEY — We are encouraged by this report from our Turkish director. He has been working with his local church in Antalya to establish a community center that will house four different church congregations—one international, one Turkish, one Persian, and one Russian. They have now raised over half of the necessary funding to make this vision a reality. Pray that the project will be fully funded soon. 

INDONESIA — Our Indonesian leader shares the following prayer requests: “Pray for one of the members of the Setia listener community whose leg was bitten by a snake and is currently recovering. Also, please pray for the funding needs for children who are continuing their studies at universities, and for children who want to realize their dreams of becoming Indonesian national soldiers.”

ENGLISH — Give thanks that the home office refresh in Grand Rapids, MI is complete, and that staff are once again able to work together in person. We are thankful for God’s provision in providing this renewed space, and we are thankful to the many donors who made this a reality. Pray that this office space will be used to advance Christ’s kingdom good news to the ends of the earth as we strive to proclaim his peace.