Openness to God at Work

Read: Acts 15:1-21

We should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. (v. 19 NIV)

By nature, most people want to be comfortable and feel safe. Likewise, our tendency to return to the past is often driven by a desire to go where things are known and understood. As a transition pastor, I often don’t know where I will be serving a year from now. I can worry about it or trust that God will provide and reveal the place he wants me to serve next.

In times of transition, there is uncertainty. A relationship, job, health condition, or the next season in life can cause fear or worry. In such times, do you pray for God to work in a new way in and through you? It is important to stay open to how God may work in powerful ways in your life, church, family, or job. Rather than depending on your strength, remember to submit to the Spirit’s leading.

Some Jews questioned what was happening when God made his saving grace available to the Gentiles. Rather than object, James wisely spoke out at the Council of Jerusalem to eliminate barriers for God’s new work of drawing the Gentiles to himself. Take time today to think about other biblical characters (like Noah, Abraham, Naomi, Ruth, David, Daniel, and Paul) who were open to God’s work in new ways in the midst of transition. Then ask God to help you remain open to his leading as you rely on him. —Steve Petroelje

As you pray, ask God to help you to be faithful no matter what direction he leads you in.

About the Author

Steve Petroelje
Steve Petroelje

Rev. Steve Petroelje is a specialized transition pastor who serves vacant churches and helps them assess health, pursue missional effectiveness, and conduct a pastoral search process. He is the past-president of the Words of Hope Board of Trustees.