June Prayer Guide 2021

IRAN — Please pray for our Iranian team member who goes by the name Ali. He has been recording voice-overs for our videos and other audio content. Ali was arrested in Iran during the month of May. He has since been able to escape the country as a refugee, but his family remains inside. Please pray for Ali, that he will be reunited with his family, and that they will be kept safe while they wait to see each other again. 

ENGLISH — We are thankful that the Words of Hope Daily Devotional is now available as an app in Google Play and the App Store! The app is free to download, and includes a new Bible reading and meditation for each day. An audio recording of the devotional is also accessible, as well as prayer prompts and videos that demonstrate how God is at work around the world. Pray with us that this app will help share Christ’s hope with many people. 

UGANDA — Give thanks that in the last three months, a total of 441 radio programs were produced and aired in Uganda. Some of the key topics addressed in the programs during this time period were: rebuilding, restoration, faith, prayer, and fasting. In addition to the programs, the team is hosting monthly meetings called, “Know Your Freedom in Christ,” and offering Alcoholics Anonymous support groups every week. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Our team leaders in South Sudan report that they are thankful for the Internet, as it allows them to stay connected during times of COVID-19 lockdown. Though they are not able to visit in person, they are able to talk on the phone, and that is also a blessing. The team is working to record messages from local teachers for radio programs featuring Bible stories, and other topics such as peace, reconciliation, and family life. 

ALBANIA — Our Albanian team leader wrote these encouraging words: “Each one of us, as sons and daughters of God, are witnesses of what he has done in our lives. Looking back, we each have seen how God has used every step in our lives to bring us to where we are today. All of us are truth holders of his great mercy and grace, his unfailing love.” Pray for the television programs he produces that showcase the testimonies of individual believers. 

INDONESIA — Please pray that the team members in Indonesia will be inspired as they work to demonstrate the love of Christ in their communities. We trust that the message of grace and salvation through Jesus will change the hearts and lives of those who hear it. Pray also for protection over the team members as they carry out ministry work in areas that are seeing a rise in Islamic beliefs.

NEPAL — Please pray for our Nepali team leader, who has lost many people who were close to him recently. COVID-19 has been sweeping through the country, leaving friends and family devastated. “I am not able to understand,” he writes. “Why them? All of them I have known as the best people living on the earth, joyful, kind, and loving—my mentors, leaders, and family members—but I know God has a better place for them.” 

TURKEY — Our team leader sends the following update: “For the last 20 years, my prayer focus and goal has always been proclaiming the gospel to more and more people. The constraints imposed on the Turkish society by COVID-19 actually allowed us to reach more people through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.” Pray for further development of these outreach methods in the coming months. 

ENGLISH — Give thanks for God’s work in the lives of Words of Hope devotional readers. One reader contacted us to share how she received life-giving encouragement as she supported her husband during an Alzheimer’s diagnosis and care. During this time, she had very little hope, but through the devotional, God worked in her heart. Please pray for this reader, and many others like her, who need the hope of Jesus every day.

BHUTAN — Pray for the team in Bhutan as they work to provide counseling services for families who are facing marriage problems and other difficulties. Give thanks for ongoing opportunities to work with young children and teenagers as well. The Kingdom Kids group is for children ages 9-12, while the Kingdom Youth group is for teenagers. Pray for the team as they report that reaching out to the kids is not easy.

INDIA — Please pray for all of our staff in India, as they continue to face hardships related to COVID-19. Pray especially for a staff member and his family who additionally lost their house during a recent, severe storm. Pictures showed him and his wife standing in a heap of rubble that used to be their home. Pray for them as they rebuild. We give thanks that, because of Words of Hope community, enough funds were already raised to cover the cost of rebuilding. 

NIGER — Pray for a new series of programs in Niger on the topic of salvation through faith in Christ alone. The series will include teachings on repentance, conversion, acceptance, assurance of God’s forgiveness, and assurance of eternal life. Our team leader reports that this is a necessary topic to cover in Niger, as he encounters many Christians who are confused about salvation. Pray that these programs will provide clarity and conviction.