February Prayer Guide 2021

ENGLISH — A devotional reader sent the following note: “I want to say praise God and a warm thank you to Words of Hope. I am in prison. Currently 20 years old. In prison for robbery. And I was at a very low and dark point in my walk with Jesus when I found this [devotional]. It made me feel whole again, and see the light in the dark.” Join us in praying for this young person, that Jesus would continue to speak into his life. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Please pray with us for the people of South Sudan as they have been experiencing terrible flooding in their country. Heavy rainfall in the region has caused the Nile and other rivers to overflow. This in turn has led to 138 deaths, and over a million people affected by loss of property or destroyed crops. Pray that the weather would stabilize and that the people of South Sudan would be granted relief. 

IRAN — We give thanks for a faithful Iranian listener named Amir. Though he had no print copy of the Bible, he was able to download the Bible app onto his phone and listen to the Words of Hope programs online. He would write Bible verses and teachings from the programs by hand into a journal, and then use his journal to share the good news with his friends and family. Pray that as he shares, those who hear will be interested to learn more!

NIGER — Give thanks that contacts with Zarma listeners are improving. Our team leader reports an increase in calls and text messages received from listeners. “The broadcasts help a lot to understand the truth about religious questions,” shares the team leader, “especially when it comes to understanding the differences between Islam and Christianity.” Pray that the truth of the gospel would gain ground in this predominantly Muslim nation. 

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s Albanian director writes, “As we continue to work under COVID-19 protocols, we have adjusted our work around the need for safety but also efficiency. Our relationship with churches continues to be strong; and our devotionals have been in high demand—such that we have had to continually point people to use our app due to running out of printed copies.” 

INDONESIA — Pray for residents of the island of Sulawesi as they rebuild their lives following a powerful earthquake. At least 90 people lost their lives in the quake, and thousands of individuals are now displaced. Homes, hospitals, hotels, and government buildings were all damaged during the earthquake and the ensuing aftershocks. Pray for rebuilding efforts in the region and for all those affected by these sad events. 

BHUTAN — Give thanks that virtual church services and Bible studies are going well in the country, and that 19 new individuals have now been baptized. However, the team is disappointed at a lack of growth in their YouTube channel views. “Our objective is to preach the gospel and see people getting saved,” they write. “So we are committed to get it done by other means, if YouTube does not work. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the team.”

NEPAL — Give thanks that 18 new families have joined churches in Nepal! During these difficult COVID-19 times, the team is finding ways to support the community and share the love of Christ. They are distributing food and blankets to the homeless and holding online church services. Pray especially that the team would find good ways to provide follow-up and discipleship for new Christians during this time. 

IRAN — Pray for young students in Iran who are struggling to find access to schooling during the pandemic. Many cannot afford the necessary smart devices that would enable them to participate in remote learning, and there are reports of depression and even suicide in the country as a result. Pray for the team as they seek to respond to these needs and encourage young people in this difficult time. 

TURKEY — Give thanks for this encouraging report from our director in Turkey: “We were able to broadcast through radio, TV, and social media outlets uninterrupted in spite of challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the pandemic has allowed us to reach more people through social media. As a result, there are many seekers and many seeds have been planted.”

INDIA — One of the team leaders in India reports: “During this quarter, there was a lot of relaxation in the lockdown, thus we were able to visit the mission field and conduct seekers meetings and youth meetings following the guidelines of COVID-19. We were also able to conduct prayer and fellowship with our program listeners and seekers. Soon after the relaxation of lockdown many new people came to faith in Jesus.”

UGANDA — Give thanks that Words of Hope’s president, Jon Opgenorth, had the opportunity to broadcast live on FM radio in Uganda last month via remote technology! He spoke during a celebration as the radio station is now expanding its reach into nearby Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Please join us in praying for those who will hear these broadcasts in the coming days and months. Pray that many would come to know Jesus.