December Prayer Guide 2020

NEPAL — Please pray for families in Nepal who are once again being impacted by flooding. In the last few days, we received word from our ministry leader that 84 families lost their homes and 31 people were killed. Many of these people were Christians. The Words of Hope team in Nepal is providing food assistance and delivering blankets. Pray for additional provisions for those living in temporary shelters as temperatures continue to drop. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Give thanks that our ministry leader in South Sudan has now fully recovered from his bout with malaria. Give thanks, too, that Internet connection has been stronger in the country recently, which has allowed for better communication. Continue to pray for peace and stability in this region, and for the many people who are living below the poverty line in the midst of a global pandemic. 

BHUTAN — We are thankful that our team in Bhutan is able to utilize technology to stay connected during times of lockdown. While Internet connectivity is slow in Bhutan, they have found that they can enjoy Saturday morning Bible studies online between 4:30 and 6:00 AM. “I am thankful for the huge opportunity to serve through digital and social media platforms,” shares the team leader. “This has extended our scope and opportunity.”

UGANDA — We give thanks for the recent wedding of two Words of Hope staff members. Director Titus Baraka’s daughter, Hope, and social media coordinator and livestream technician Emmanual were joined in marriage during a joyful time of celebration and worship. The service was officiated by Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba, who is also the chair of the Words of Hope board in Uganda. Pray for this couple as they begin their new life together in service of Christ!

INDONESIA — Pray for the work that goes into broadcasting radio programs on 21 stations spread across the island nation of Indonesia. Pray also that Youtube programs in several tribal languages will speak to people’s hearts. “We will continue to strive in developing these local language programs,” shares the team leader, “bearing in mind the importance and strategy of reaching as many people as possible with the good news.”

INDIA — Join us in praying for the production of videos in the new ministry language of Assamese. Over 15 million people speak Assamese in this primarily Hindu region. Pray for the producer who is partnering with us to produce the videos. He is originally from Nepal, but has spent much of his life in Assam and can speak the language as well as the locals. Uphold him in prayer as he begins this new ministry. 

ENGLISH — We recently received the following note from a caring husband who is incarcerated. “Please send my wife one year of the free Words of Hope devotional. I am in prison and thought it would be nice of me to send this out to her because I read it to her over the phone. It would be nice for her to have her own. Thank you.” Join us in praying for all those incarcerated right now.

TURKEY — Please be in prayer for our ministry leader in Turkey who recently lost his aunt to COVID-19. Pray especially for his uncle as he mourns the loss of his wife of 50 years. We give thanks that our leader was able to give his aunt a Bible and share about Jesus with her six months before she passed away. Pray for peace and comfort for the entire family as they cope with her loss.

SOUTH SUDAN — Join us in praying for provision for a reliable means of transportation for our team of ministry leaders in South Sudan. We give thanks for ways in which the local government is beginning to partner with the Words of Hope team as they witness the benefits of the Christ-centered peace and reconciliation programming they are producing. “Radio ministry has brought a change in people’s thinking and lives,” says the team coordinator. 

NIGER — Pray with us for one of our producers in Niger as he is sharing 20 special radio programs during this Advent season. The programs focus on Old Testament prophecies that point to the birth of Christ. Pray for the people who are hearing these messages. Our hope is that many hearts will be touched and that listeners will receive the hope of Jesus for the first time.

IRAN — New video programming continues to impact the lives of Iranian speakers around the world. Join us in praying in advance for a new series of videos called, “Questions and Answers about the Christian Faith.” The approachable programming is informative and conversational, and we are excited to see how God will be at work in the coming year. Pray that Persian speakers around the world will watch the videos! 

ALBANIA — Give thanks for the following testimony from a Words of Hope Albania staff member, “I have been greatly blessed in many ways,” she shares. “It first started with the specialized English programs. I especially like the articulation in these programs, which makes it easier to catch and memorize the new words. They have truly been a blessing to me personally.”