May Prayer Guide 2020

TURKEY — Give thanks that despite the challenges introduced by COVID-19, our team has been able to continue broadcasting on the radio. Since all travel has been suspended in the country of Turkey for the last month and a half, however, our producer has not been able to travel to the television studio to record programs for TV. He continues to write the segments, and plans to record and air them when travel bans are lifted. 

NEPAL — Pray for three new believers who have become members of Words of Hope’s partner church in Nepal. More individuals were taking a baptism class and planning to be baptized on Easter, however, due to the virus lockdown the service had to be postponed. For now, all Nepali church members are holding church services in their own homes. Pray that these new converts will grow in their faith even during this time of isolation. 

BHUTAN — Give thanks for the success of a recent guitar training camp for young people. Tshangla and Dzongkha songs were taught to the students who learned to play and sing along. The training camp gave our team opportunities to talk to and encourage the young people, especially during morning devotions and evening Bible study times. Pray that what the students learned together will bring about true life change.  

INDIA — We are grateful for several new pastors and leaders who are interested in helping with ministry efforts. Having heard about the radio programs, they are now willing and excited to help as needed with followup efforts. Give thanks that recording of programs has been able to continue and that there is also a supply of pre-recorded programs that can be used during this time of restrictions. 

TIBET — Please pray for the programming team as they record and prepare. Pray that God will give them wisdom in choosing topics and that they would be able to write scripts that are relevant and beneficial for the listeners. Pray also that they will be helped to share the gospel clearly in a way that meets the needs of the audience. Finally, pray for peace in Tibet, and that hearts will be open to the gospel during these difficult times. 

IRAN — Give thanks that an Iranian convert to Christianity received news on Easter that she would not need to complete her prison sentence. During the month of March, Fatemeh was granted a temporary release from prison along with tens of thousands of other prisoners, in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Her prison leave was first extended, then fully pardoned. Thanks be to God! 

SOUTH SUDAN — We rejoice that the country of South Sudan continues to experience peace and stability. Our producers report that the government is working to promote harmony, and that a president, vice presidents, ministers, and deputy ministers have all been appointed. The country is still waiting for additional government officers to be chosen. Pray that radio programs about peace, unity, and love will be effective. 

NIGER — Give thanks that listeners continue to ask questions, giving our producers the opportunity to provide more meaningful followup. Pray that God’s love and providence would become apparent to all those who are seeking right now. Recent questions have focused on understanding the Trinity and on how to share Christianity with others. Pray for our producers as they interact with those who hear the messages. 

UGANDA — From Words of Hope’s Ugandan Director: “As I drive through the streets of Kampala, it is oddly quiet. When I watch CNN in my living room, I see that the same is true in New York City, except for the wail of ambulance sirens every few minutes, announcing that another COVID-19 patient is being rushed to the hospital. Though churches are locked, still we claim the light of Christ’s eternal hope.”   

ENGLISH — Please pray for a devotional reader named Shirleen who sent us the following message: “Thank you for encouraging words, not only today, but every day I log in to the daily devotions. My prayer request is for myself, my nephew in Arkansas who is on a ventilator due to the virus, our drummer at my church who is 60+ in the hospital and non-responsive as of last night, and two other family members hospitalized with the virus.” 

ALBANIA — From our Albanian Director: “The number of those infected is now 634, and we have had 27 losses since it all started. There is an atmosphere that is hard to explain—but people are confused, cannot go to work, and many are concerned if or how they will be able to get a salary. This is affecting in serious ways the economy and private businesses. Our WOH team is working from home and will go to the office to use studios only when it is time to record.” 

INDONESIA —  COVID-19 has touched the Indonesian team. A former Indonesian board member named Rev. Gladys Kartomo died of the virus. She had served on the board for more than 15 years. She will be remembered for her cheerful demeanor and dedication to ministry. Please be in prayer for her husband, as he mourns and is himself sick with the virus. Intercede especially for her young children, ages five and seven.