Courage to Pray

Courage to Pray book cover

Real praying isn’t easy; sometimes it can be difficult. But God wants us to pray. Prayer is also God’s gift. He provides everything we need and then calls us to respond.

Well, then, how do we capture excitement about prayer when we’ve lost the heart to pray? Dr. Brownson doesn’t intend this book to be merely a call to prayer. Rather, his purpose is to inspire courage to pray, to leave us saying “I think I can do that. I can learn to pray.”

He grips us with the importance of prayer, excites us about its possibilities and encourages us to invest ourselves in regular, purposeful prayer. Gently he leads us from discouragement about the neglect of prayer in our lives and shows us how to have genuine joy in a growing experience with Almighty God.

At the end of each chapter are Scripture passages for reading and reflection as well as questions for further thought to be answered either privately or in a group setting.

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Courage to Pray