December Prayer Guide 2021

INDIA — Words of Hope’s Director shares this encouragement: “We must use all our God-given intelligence, physical strengths, and the available resources in our network. However, we must never forget that in spite of all our efforts, we must seek God’s will, God’s favor, God’s given principles, and God’s Kingdom on top priority, even at the expense of our self, our dreams, or our departure.”

TURKEY — We give thanks with our Turkish Director for everyday opportunities to share his faith. He has told a restaurant owner about Jesus several times over the years, and has also invited her to attend his church. Last month when he was isolating because of a COVID-19 infection, the restaurant owner delivered food to him. Now she is sharing about Jesus with some of her newly hired employees also, and they have expressed interest in attending church!

BHUTAN — We give thanks that Bible studies can continue in Bhutan by moving online in order to be in compliance with lockdown restrictions. Because of monsoon rains, however, the Internet in the region has been unstable. Pray that connection improves soon. Daily devotional Scriptures are being shared on Facebook and Youtube, and sermons are being recorded and distributed in three different languages in the region as well. 

NIGER — Our director in Niger gives thanks for the opportunity to spend extra time with his children during a recent break from school. He thanks God for rest and family. He is also grateful for encouraging feedback from listeners and for the great joy of witnessing individuals giving their lives to Christ. He reports that two people recently became Christians in the region where he works. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Give thanks that on his recent trip to Uganda, Words of Hope president Jon Opgenorth was also able to secure a meeting with the leader of our ministry efforts in South Sudan. “I had a great meeting with the archbishop,” Jon Opgenorth reports. “It was productive and moved us toward a healthy future.” We continue in prayer for the people of South Sudan as they often face food insecurity and inter-tribal violence. 

IRAN — We give thanks for the technology that allows our Persian ministry team to host meetings with online participants from all around the world. We are also thankful for the launch of a new collaborative video project called “Sunday Messages,” that features four different Persian-speaking pastors who live in Europe. We pray that the videos will minister to the hearts of those who watch them. 

INDONESIA — We give thanks for the addition of another translator for the team in Indonesia. The pastor who has joined our efforts to produce YouTube programs is also the General Secretary of the Sumba Christian Church in the region. She translates material from the devotional into the Sumba language. Pray with us that another translator would be found to help the team with producing videos in the Kupang language as well. 

ALBANIA — An Albanian listener wrote to say: “I am a regular listener of your programs. I always listen to them while I am in my car on my commute, which corresponds with the time slot the programs are broadcasted on the radio. These are the only times I wish my car drives don’t come to a fast end, because that’s when I truly get blessed, get motivated, and learn new things. May God bless you!”

TURKEY — In response to political tensions in Turkey, our Director writes: “Please pray for those in all levels of leadership around the world, beginning with ourselves and the leaders around us. The dark side of leadership, when unleashed, can result in much harm, while ethical and moral leadership for the common good has so much potential to redeem and heal!” Please join us in praying for healing for all nations. 

NEPAL — We give thanks that 16 new families have joined Words of Hope’s partner church network in Nepal. Two individuals have just received baptism for the first time, and an additional 38 people are enrolled in pre-baptism classes! The church also continues to help organize the distribution of food for people living on the streets in Nepal. As many as 80 people show up for the meals on a daily basis. 

UGANDA — A Words of Hope Uganda listener says: “I had been suffering for many years. I had lost hope. And then I gave my life to Christ in 2017. That time I heard the Word of God preached on the radio. It was like God was talking to me through the radio. Like he could see me. I began crying. I cried until my eyes became red. I gave my life to Christ. The radio can go to any area so people can listen and come to know God. God brought his words through the radio.”

ENGLISH — Please pray for a Words of Hope radio campaign running in Indiana at the beginning of this month. This campaign will be introducing the Words of Hope daily devotional resource to a new audience of people. Pray with us that many people who hear the programs will take the time to check out Words of Hope online and request their own subscription to the Words of Hope devotional.