Christ Alone

A year ago, a resident in Niger informed Words of Hope’s Hausa language producer that he was suspicious of our Christian programming. As a Muslim, he expected to find much of the content of our Hausa programs offensive. He was angry at the thought that local programming might be attacking the majority Muslim faith of the region. 

Actually, however, across every ministry field that Words of Hope works in, producers are urged to simply let Scripture speak for itself. If other religions were attacked or denigrated in our programming, we could risk offending the very people we are trying to win over. Arguing against other religions on the radio causes listeners to tune out, and could in some places even jeopardize the safety of our producers.

Instead, we know that Scripture is winsome, and that Christ draws people to himself through the proclamation of his word and the working of the Holy Spirit. 

After voicing his concerns to our producer, the Nigerien resident returned home with a plan in mind. He decided to listen to the Words of Hope programs every single day for a year, and make notes of every attack he heard against the Muslim faith. With this concrete evidence in hand, he could return to lodge a more formal complaint. 

The year passed, and the man listened. In his complaint notebook he wrote—nothing! But he kept listening. 

After one year, he called our producer on the telephone. 

“Not having heard the words he expected, he called me to confess his respect for Christians and their faith in Christ,” shares the Hausa producer. “He expressed his interest in meeting with a pastor to discuss many issues face to face.”

The listener has now been connected to a local pastor for discussion and follow-up. We pray that God will continue to work in this man’s heart to bring him to saving faith in Christ.