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1 Corinthians
Rev. David Bast

What We Are

With apologies to Charles Dickens, the Christian ministry could be described as the best of jobs and the worst of jobs. It is indeed a high calling to be a minister of the Word of God. Ministers are subjected to criticism and scorn; they are belittled, viewed as oddballs, sometimes overworked, often under-appreciated. “We are the scum of the earth,” says Paul.

Why Doesn’t God Act More Like God?

Why Doesn’t God Act More Like God? How to deal with our doubts is one of the surprising but comforting lessons of the book of Habakkuk. David Bast looks at

Rev. David Bast

Christ in the Psalms (9 Studies)

David Bast follows the trail of Christ in the Psalms. The result is a series of 9 Bible studies that focus not only on what various psalms prophesy concerning Christ, but also the New Testament passages that quote and interpret those texts. When read through the lens of the New Testament, we see Christ depicted in the Psalms in all his various roles – Saviour and Priest, King and Lord. The nine studies in this new book, suitable for either group of individual use, will both deepen your understanding of the person and work of Christ and quicken your devotion to him.