Show Me a Sign

Read: Judges 6:15-17, 36-39; 7:1-7

Show me a sign that it is you who speak with me. (6:17)

In the 1984 classic movie Karate Kid, one of the best scenes is when the teen star, Daniel, is getting beat up by five bullies from his high school. All of a sudden, his elderly neighbor, a loner who spends time tending bonsai plants, shows up and, though outnumbered, defeats the bullies single-handedly. Daniel is obviously grateful, but he is mostly shocked at how one old man could defeat a group of teens.

In Judges 6 and 7, Gideon was surprised to find himself in a similar situation. He was the youngest member of the weakest clan in Israel, but God called him to lead Israel’s army into battle against their enemy. Additionally, God directed him to shrink the 32,000 troops down to a mere 300! It’s no wonder Gideon was surprised at what he was being told and asked for signs to make sure he was really hearing from God. Eventually, Gideon confidently led the army and successfully defeated his opponent.

Perception is reality, except when it comes to God. If he has chosen us to do something, his viewpoint is all that matters. We may look like the unlikely winner to outsiders, or even to ourselves, when we don’t see things as God does. So why not get a better view by lining up our focus with his? Because God is on our side we can step into any situation or face any opponent and be undefeated. —Ericka Loynes

As you pray, rest in the fact that you plus God will always equal a majority.

About the Author

Ericka Loynes is a senior instructional designer and facilitator. She enjoys encouraging others through career coaching, motivational speaking, and inspirational writing. Born and raised in Chicago, Ericka currently lives in Memphis with her husband, Duane, and teenage son, DJ.