Garhwali Christian Programs

Ishaan was a religious man. He carefully studied Hindu texts to learn more about God. As he searched in his books, he came across stories of Jesus. Many Hindus know about Jesus, but they do not believe that he is God. Instead, they regard Jesus as a holy man and a pious teacher whose example of right living can be followed. But as Ishaan read, he felt drawn to Jesus, and wanted to find out more. 

One day while traveling in India Ishaan stopped at a tea stall and began talking to the owner of the shop about God. He found out that the tea-seller was a Christian believer. The man suggested to Ishaan that the Bible would provide answers to his questions about Jesus. 

At first Ishaan protested. He had no Bible to read! How could he afford such a big book? But the young son of the shopkeeper came to the rescue. He helped Ishaan to download the Bible app onto his phone so that he could read wherever he was!

Ishaan began studying the New Testament right away, and found answers to many of the questions he had pondered about Jesus. Before long he became convinced that Jesus is in fact the one true God, and he wanted to connect with a church and be baptized. 

Ishaan did not know of any churches near him, however. He lives in the Garhwali region of India, a mountainous area in the north of the country. Garhwali people are nearly all Hindus. Very few have been reached with the gospel, and there are almost no churches or Christian resources available. 

Not sure what to do next, Ishaan searched “Garhwali Christian Programs” on YouTube, and came across Words of Hope’s Garhwali language program, “Ashu ku Raibar.” The pastor who produces these programs always includes his phone number in the recording, so Ishaan reached out. 

“Some people call me when we are sleeping,” explains WOH’s producer. He answers the phone calls even then, because he wants to reflect the hospitality of Christ to the people who come to him with questions and needs. 

Since the initial phone call, Ishaan has now been welcomed into the Garhwali Christian community that our producer pastors. There he has been discipled for some time, and he is now baptized into the family of Christ. 


One in Christ