God’s Fruitful Word

Read: Isaiah 55

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty. (v. 11)

In the eastern part of Bhutan, an elderly married couple goes to the monastery every day to shuffle in circles around the perimeter and chant mantras. In their left hands they spin Buddhist prayer wheels. In their right hands they clutch wooden beads. They do these repetitive rituals hoping to improve their chances of being reborn into a better life after they die. They’re spiritually hungry, but their efforts don’t satisfy their need.

Words of Hope radio producers share the good news of Jesus to people like this elderly couple, but it can take a lot of time for hearts to change. Our Bhutanese producer puts it this way: “I don’t know, but I pray and trust the Holy Spirit to do the impossible in the hearts of these people. Such change of heart is not possible with mere human effort.”

Our reading today contains a promise. God offers a rich feast to those who are hungry and thirsty, a feast offered freely (v. 1). Just like the rain that waters the earth, God’s word is productive, even if we cannot see the results right away (vv. 10-11). And the result of his faithfulness? Tremendous, overwhelming joy and peace (v. 12).

Are you hungry and thirsty for God’s work in your life? Do you feel like the couple from Bhutan, working hard for something that does not satisfy? Share that need with God in prayer today, and claim his promise to meet your needs. —Christy Prins & Megan Nollet

As you pray, tell God about your deep spiritual needs.

About the Author

Megan Nollet is the Director of Communications at Words of Hope. She is married to Eric and has two young children. She loves to go on adventures with her family, read good books, and day-dream about her next travel destination.

Christy Prins is the managing editor of the Words of Hope Daily Devotional. When Christy isn't reading devotional submissions, she's busy working in the garden, reading, and playing with her kids.