Name Your Favorite Christmas Smells

Read: 2 Corinthians 2:14-17

For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. (v. 15)

What does Jesus smell like? I remember a public meeting where citizens were invited to voice their opinion on a certain proposal to be voted on by the town council. A young woman stood up and said, softly and respectfully, that she had prayed about this issue and felt led to oppose it. She then quoted a Bible verse. There were snickers from the crowd, and a few of the town council members seated up front rolled their eyes. But I caught a whiff of the aroma of Christ.

Here in today’s passage, Paul says that believers are “the aroma of Christ” (v. 15). Like a powerful scent, by our words and our deeds we spread the aroma of Christ to everyone we meet. When we are patient and long-suffering, slow to anger and quick to forgive, then we smell like Christ. When we speak the truth in love, when we are not ashamed of the gospel, then we smell like Christ. When we live a life of holiness and personal righteousness, then we smell like Christ.

In this season, there are so many good smells—cranberries, pine needles, gingerbread. You probably have your own list of scents that bring Christmas memories to mind. But this season should also be full of the aroma of Christ. When people are in your presence this week, will they smell Christ? —Lou Lotz

Today’s Activity: Associate a new memory with your favorite Christmas scents by reciting today’s key verse whenever you smell them so you can remember to be the aroma of Christ to others this Christmas.

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Lou Lotz

Rev. Lou Lotz is a recently retired Reformed Church pastor. Lou and his wife Mary Jean live in Hudsonville, Michigan.

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