The Witness of a Christian Wedding

Words of Hope is now producing programs in the Bhaderwahi language of northern India. Bhaderwahi is a dialect of Dogri, and is spoken by a group of 100 or so families living in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Words of Hope’s team met a young, Christian man named Mahesh living there, and began working with him to produce audio programs for the local people. Mahesh’s village of Bhalara is remote, and most of his friends and neighbors do not know about Jesus. 

Before long, Mahesh announced that he was getting married. He wanted to have a Christian wedding ceremony, so he asked Words of Hope’s regional director to officiate the event. 

There had never been a Christian wedding ceremony in the village of Bhalara before! When people heard about it, some were excited to see what the ceremony would be like. But many criticized. It is not always safe to bear witness to Christianity in such a public way in India, but Mahesh did not let the criticism bother him. 

He was determined to share his faith in Jesus with his wedding guests by conducting a biblical marriage ceremony. 

When the day of the wedding came, people gathered from many surrounding villages just to witness the event out of curiosity. Bright red and purple fabrics draped around the couple, and floral garlands hung around their necks. During the festivities, Words of Hope’s regional producer guided the couple through their marriage vows, and shared the Word of God with everyone who had gathered! 

Pictures and videos were taken. Guests watched and listened. And for a day at least, the critics were silent. 

Please pray now for Mahesh and his new wife, as they begin their married lives together and continue ministering among their people in Bhalara. Pray that the gospel they share will be met with receptive hearts. 


One in Christ