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January Prayer Guide

SOUTH SUDAN — Continue to pray for everyone still suffering from severe flooding in South Sudan. Floodwaters have been high since June of 2021, the worst flooding the region has

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Prayer Guide

December Prayer Guide 2021

INDIA — Words of Hope’s Director shares this encouragement: “We must use all our God-given intelligence, physical strengths, and the available resources in our network. However, we must never forget

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Prayer Guide

November Prayer Guide 2021

SOUTH SUDAN — Revenge killings continue in South Sudan. Pray that the peace of Christ as proclaimed through Words of Hope programs would turn hearts toward non-violence. We have heard

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October Prayer Guide 2021

UGANDA — Give thanks that Revival FM just celebrated three years of ministry. Our director reports: “We have seen [the station] grow within the region of southwestern Uganda. Families have

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September Prayer Guide 2021

ENGLISH — Give thanks that the North American office renovation project is nearly complete! The building is now accessible and energy efficient. Space has been repurposed for new uses such

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August Prayer Guide 2021

BHUTAN — The ministry team in Bhutan organized a special one-day children’s program on the theme, “There is Hope for Our Children.” The goal was to encourage the children with

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July Prayer Guide 2021

BHUTAN — A Bhutanese church leader shared the following update with us: “It’s been many months that I am getting the privilege to share the Word of God during Sunday

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Prayer Guide

June Prayer Guide 2021

IRAN — Please pray for our Iranian team member who goes by the name Ali. He has been recording voice-overs for our videos and other audio content. Ali was arrested

Prayer Guide

May Prayer Guide 2021

BHUTAN –– Give thanks with us that through virtual Bible studies and outreach on Facebook, 11 Bhutanese individuals have given their lives to Christ, and 8 more have requested the