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church in nepal
Prayer Guide

May 2022 Prayer Guide

UGANDA — Give thanks that more programmers have joined the team that produces Runyankole programs in Uganda. The team gives thanks that the number of listeners tuning into the programs continues to grow, despite the lifting of COVID lockdowns

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Dr. Brownson

Remembering Dr. William Brownson

President Emeritus of Words of Hope, Dr. William Brownson, died to this life on April 1, 2022 at the age of 93. Dr. Brownson’s efforts for global evangelism and his heart of Christlike love continue to touch lives today. 

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woman reading bible with coffee
Prayer Guide

April 2022 Prayer Guide

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s team in Albania has been focusing efforts on ministering to elderly and vision impaired individuals who struggle to read printed text. The pastor at one church congregation told us that several people have been

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boxes for afghan refugees

Aid for Afghan Refugees

“Providing food, clothes, shoes. People in North America are helping Words of Hope Albania amplify our efforts and bring a helping hand to these hurting people,” says Erion Prendi.  Erion is the director of Words of Hope Albania. In

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group hand shake

Faith in Community

I have a confession: when people say that they hear a calling from God, I have no idea what they are talking about. I am not naturally a jealous person, but when I hear people speak about having this

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mud and thatch hut in niger

Christ Alone

A year ago, a resident in Niger informed Words of Hope’s Hausa language producer that he was suspicious of our Christian programming. As a Muslim, he expected to find much of the content of our Hausa programs offensive. He was angry at the thought that local programming might be attacking the majority Muslim faith of the region. 

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Advertising Bibles

Words of Hope’s Turkish director has recently begun partnering with a ministry called the Bible Correspondence Course. This ministry advertises free Bibles and Bible study materials in local newspapers.

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african man praying in church

Combatting Persecution in Niger

In the country of Niger, Christians—especially new converts—can be subjected to persecution.  One of our producers explains: “The challenge is keeping up with listeners who want to accept Jesus as their Savior.” A listener recently confided: “You know, I

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indonesia rice paddy
Prayer Guide

March 2022 Prayer Guide

IRAN — Give thanks for a renewed partnership between Words of Hope’s Persian ministry team and Mohabat TV. The Mohabat TV channel provides a platform for transmission of high quality programming, suitable for viewing by all family members. This

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