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The Word of God, as it is delivered to us in the thousand-plus pages of the Bible, can be challenging. Daunting, even. How do you glean everything that this all-important book has to offer? Where do you start?

Books by Words of Hope

Words of Hope has a growing library of books and devotionals by our devotional authors to help you grow in faith.

Applied Christianity: Studies in James

The New Testament letter of James is passionately practical. It breathes down-to-earth intensity. The author yearns to see the realities of the gospel translated into daily life. He has no patience with speculative theology or pious pretense. His cry is: “Let the faith be lived!”

Devotional Series

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Bible in a Year

Our Bible in a Year reading plan will take you from Genesis to Revelation. Don’t worry about calendars or charts. Just follow along on our website or getting each day’s reading right in your inbox.

Daily Devotional

Each devotional begins with a theme, offers a scripture passage that illuminates that theme, then in a brief few paragraphs, applies that scripture to instruct and inspire you as you face the day ahead.

Daily Podcast

Our daily devotional is available in audio form! You can listen to Words of Hope’s daily devotional as a podcast on your computer, phone, or smart speaker! Listen to the podcast today on iTunes, Stitcher, on Spotify.