Junior High Viewers Community in Indonesia

Words of Hope’s partners in Indonesia work to establish listener and viewer communities in villages around the country. These communities gather to discuss the gospel programming they have heard and seen. Teresia is a member of the Bopkri Junior High community. “I am very grateful to God that I am a member of the community,” she says. She and her fellow community members watch a Words of Hope partner YouTube program called “Teens for Christ.” She says that the program helps her reflect on her faith daily. 

“I had never meditated on God’s word every day,” she says. “Usually, I only hear God’s word during religious lessons at school and also when I go to church every Sunday. However, through this Bopkri community, I was introduced to the fact that there is a daily devotional that we can watch every day on YouTube. This program is very useful for me personally. The reflection on God’s word that was conveyed was very clear and easy for me to understand. I ask for prayer support so that I can continue to live according to God’s will and can invite my other friends to be closer to God through “Teens for Christ.”