Lives Changed in Indonesia

We received the following testimony from a man named Alexander who is in his 60s and who attends a Words of Hope listener community group in Indonesia

“God changed my life through devotion and discussion of God’s Word in the community meetings,” shares Alexander. “Before I joined the community, I liked to drink liquors such as palm wine. I became addicted. It made me forget the various problems and struggles of life. But in the past two years, since I became a member of the Tumbuh Bersama community, I have found the true meaning of life.”

“In community meetings,” Alexander continues, “we often share together and discuss God’s Word. There I understood that the life I am now living is a gift from the Lord Jesus. Therefore, this life needs to be filled with things that are good and pleasing to God, such as getting to know and draw closer to him.”

“I committed to leave my habit of drinking palm wine,” Alexander says. “Now I feel calm in living life in my twilight age. The Tumbuh Bersama community helps me know more about Christ the Savior of my life. Please pray for me to be a blessing to fellow community members and also to everyone around me.”