Jesus Felt Betrayed

Read: Matthew 26:40-46

Could you not watch with me one hour? (v. 40)

When I experienced my miscarriage, I was the first in my group of family or friends to wade through this unique type of grief. Pregnancy and infant loss give way to a grief that is commonly misunderstood, even by loved ones. Particularly in seasons of suffering and grief, we lean on family and friends. The expectation, whether overt or unspoken, is that in times of great grief, others will come alongside you with empathy and support.

Yet often this expectation goes unmet. Friends we thought we could count on are silent. Well-meaning acquaintances speak unhelpful words. Platitudes and “silver lining” suggestions fall short. Often, a griever is left feeling abandoned or betrayed.

Once again, the experience of betrayal is not lost on Jesus. In his most sorrowful moments in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus entrusted his disciples with one simple task—to keep watch while he pleaded for the cup of pain and suffering to be removed. His disciples failed to meet Jesus’ need—not once, but three times. You can almost hear the disappointment when Jesus asked “So, could you not watch with me one hour?” (v. 40). When Jesus needed his friends the most, amidst great pain and sorrow, they didn’t come through. If you’ve experienced disappointment, abandonment, or betrayal by loved ones when you needed them, you share that experience with Jesus Christ, the one who will never betray you, no matter the circumstance. —Rachel Lohman

As you pray, ask God to help you forgive those who have betrayed you in a time of need.

About the Author

Rachel Lohman is the mom of two toddlers and founder of Hope Again Collective. She lives outside of Los Angeles where she helps lead a bilingual church, The Bridge Chino, alongside her husband, Mark.

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